Western Bridle Headstall

Headstall Western Bridle

Conchos and western buckles on the headband. WEASTERN BRIDLE (Full Browband) from BETA BIOTHANE (Solid Colored. The most western headpieces have either a headband or a split ear design. One-eared headstall with silver accents and matching reins.

Subtitles by Susan Hargrove, Oh Joy Farms

We begin with the "western" bridle. All the headstall of a horsehorse.... headstall, teeth, chinstrap and bridle.... is known as bridle. Four popular kinds of western headpieces....one Ear, two Ohren, Headband and Bosalb├╝gel. "One- and two-eared headpieces relate to the small bridle part of the bridle with small snaps made of leathers that run around the horse's head.

A" headband" headpiece has a genuine cowhide belt that runs over the horse's brow and not over the ears (a" futurity" headpiece is a variant of the" headband" headpiece with a lump in the middle of the headband). A" bosal" hanging tag relates to the headpiece with which a" bosal" is held on the horses heads (can be a single-ear, double-ear, headband or just a" straight" headpiece....without ears or headband).

The" one-eared" and" two-eared" headpieces are most frequently seen in the western show ring today. Over the years there have been various "trends" regarding the appeal of the different kinds of headpieces....but...they are all LEGAL! It seems that there are some difficulties to put the fringes on the model well.

They have three kinds of "western" reins....split (with bridles and curbs), Romanel (with curbs) and Megate (with bosal). Shared reigns are the most seen reigns in the Western amusement class at this age. Numbers in the trails are divided roughly evenly between "split" and "romel" bridles.

The Romel rein is also often used in working cow pony training courses. Each of the different kinds of rein is in the hands, in its own way. The majority of the Western class models are depicted with "curb teeth". When you decide to use a "snaffle" denture, you must mark your registration as a "junior horse" (5 years or less) to make it law.

This is the place where the teeth should go into the corners of the horse's muzzle! Armour belts are usually made of genuine leathers.... or leathers and chains. The chinstraps should be loose in the chinstrap on the back of the lower lips of the horses (unless the horseman stops a horses or turns a WCH.... then the teeth are at a stronger angle, whereby the chinstrap lies against the jaw).

We begin at the top of the headpiece with the faults shown in this image (above): MISTRAKES 1. Crowns of the headpiece do not lie down on the headpiece of the Rear of the ears....it has been moving up and forward...now it is rested on the horses auricles. MISTRAKES 2. Error 1 has led to the earphones now being in the wind and no longer having FAT on the horse's front.

MISTRAKES 3. Error 1 has also led to the bridle's cheeks being too far forward and too near to the horse's eyes. The end of the belt is not flat and lies in the middle of the jaw part. MISTRAKES 1. If the chisel belt is too far forward, the head joint has turned forward with the chisel.... by placing an elbow on the chisel belt and thus altering the chisel location.

Turning the chisel has led to the chinstrap moving upwards out of the jawline. MISTRAKES 3. Placing the front buckle belt in place has resulted in the teeth (and thus the mouthpiece) slipping. The bits are NOT straight....causing the rein to be misaligned.

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