Western Bridle with Reins

Bridle with reins

One common way of attaching western reins without buckles is to make two long cuts near the ends of the reins, which serve as loops. Rawhide Futurity Western Bridle Knotted Brow Western Headstall Split Reins Chestnut Leather Horsehair Tassels California Braid Horse Bridles, reins and accessories for western riding, available in different sizes and variations. The set combines our NEW Western Designed Tack with the White Stitch Outline and your choice of Pistol Packin, Plains Indian or Floral Hardware. Manufactured from super soft leather and Co. Tory leather western bridle.

Cheapest discounts on Western Designer Bridle, Reins & Breast Collar Set

Biothane Bridle, Reins & Breast Collar Western Designer SetThis set will combine our NEW Western Designer Pack with the White Stitch outlines and your selection of Pistol Packin, Plains Indian or Floral Hardwares. Select Western Designer Bridle, Betas or Betasplit Reins and our Western Designer Breast Collar or Western Designer Padded Breast Collar and start saving $10.00 on our daily rates!

Select your colour for the beta underlay primary colour of your tack and the matt surface beta overlay or colour of accents if you want! Select the horseshoe brand Hardware. When ordering, make sure you specify the size, the colours and the length of the reins. NOTE: PLEASE NOTE SET is set to BRIDLE, REINS & BRREAST CLOLLAR ONLY!

Western Split Reins - LightRider Bitless Bridles

Manufactured from 10mm Tuff Tack cable with our brand name for simple change of film. Low loops have an outer seam (for greater efficiency without compromising strength), while the end of the tails is backspliced for increased rigidity and has a clean finishing with rubber poppers. Every reins is 2.15 meters (7 feet) long and comes with high-quality reins clamps made of massive copper or high-grade stein.

Heavier than the 12 or 14mm reins (to allow the chin strap to be released), but still a great feeling. Ideal for western or cows' working events, and for horsemen who are worried that individual reins get stuck on something. Every reins is 2.15 meters (7 feet) long and comes with high-quality reins clamps made of massive copper or high-grade stein.

Guarantee You can give back your Light Rider Reins (in clean/new condition) within 30 day after receiving them if you or your saddle are not satisfied. The LightRider Reins are guaranteed against defects for 12 months. The reins were perfect for my own hand, others were too overweight.

They' re wonderful sentimental reins that you can use. They' also much more secure than a common reins, as they can't get entangled on your horses' feet if they take off during the tour. It also makes it easy to get in and out and to put down a reins as a leash.

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