Western Headstall and Reins

Headstall and reins

Turquoise Martin Sattlerei and copper points headstall. JF Bridle & Holder Combo with reins. JF Bridle & Holder Combo with reins.

The Cowboy Pro Filagree headstall with reins. The bridle without reins and bit is sometimes also called the headstall in some disciplines of western riding.

Western-headpieces, reins

The Showman R8FT rolling stock reins. Made of woven and curled stock with woven finish. Easy to apply to the teeth with scissors snapper. US oil-treated crockery made of genuine leathers with a headpiece and top. This is a double-layer nickelplated hard metal structure.

Buckled on the right side and with eagle belt and kerbs. Showman® nosebands and nosebands in premium quality. "1 "1" Nosestraps and 1 " Crowns. Nickelplated hard wear and press studs. Bracelet with silhouette clasp. It has Velcro at one end and scissors at the other end.

Made American American Genuine Huarness headstall. The headstall is made of twice sewn crockery skin with nickel-plated clasps and straps in buckled design. Made-in-the-U.S.A.Horse sized leathers holster with brassy fittings. Featuring variable nosepiece, dual buckled head and neck strap. Set of Showman ® headstall and chest collar with brown filigree inlay and praying cowboy conchos.

The headstall has a filigreed pressure on the headband and a filigreed insert on elliptical cheek with copper-coloured rivets. SHOWMAN® withers band. 3/4 " low profile withers band easy to attach to chest neck with concus shell and scissors clasp. Easy fitting with nickel-plated clasp to pre-punched 28" - 24" Showman oil-finished belt leathers with dual clasp adjuster.

With massive brazen clasps.

Headpieces handmade by Dakota - page1

The Dakota headstall and reins are slick. The horses are available in a standard sized that is usually suitable for Arabs who are admitted and for quarterhorses when they are let out. Nevertheless, let us know what kind of horses you ride. Every nut can be coloured in bright olive wood, auburn, rust or probrown.

The same goes for your headpiece. However, even or decorative leathers can also be coloured correctly. Let us know what colour you would like if you do not order a Western headpiece to go with your seat at the same one. Some reins fit every headstall.

Do you want your new western fringe to last long? It' PH-Balanced for the leathers used in your horse. For over 30 years we have been using Lexol on our own individual calf. In order to obscure more, we mix with clean Neats foot. Allow the oil to cure between layers.

The western headstall and reins will then fit your other turn. Keep in mind that a suitable headpiece and reins are a good complement to your seatbuying. You can order it with the seat at the moment of your order, or later when your older seat becomes thinner. Sterling steel designs may go with the calipers.

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