Western Horse Bits for Sale

Acoustic Horse Bits for sale

Horse parts for sale. Hundreds of western horse parts in curb and snaffle form. We have a wide range of Western bits to help you communicate effectively with your horse. Jéremiah Watt Blued Soft Signal Snaffle Horse Bit. Bits from brands like Classic Equine, BitLogic or Professional's Choice at reasonable prices.

Bits & Bit Accessories

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We have great deal and sale price on all western bits and ancillaries. A wide range of bits in different designs such as cathedrals, med/high ports, corrections, gag, hackamors, combinations, mulls, low ports, snaffles, bits and more. We have been supplying our clients with high-quality products such as horse neck, bits, new and used western calipers and equipment since 1968.

It' will be your number one target for bits include Kathedrale, Med/High Ports, Fix, Gag, Haqamore, Combo, Mulls, Low Ports, Snaffles and Bits Aids.

Westernshank, snaffle & curbs

When you train a show horse or a greens horse with a little more power, Mary's Tap and Feed's range of Western Shanks, bridles and curbs can be just the thing for you and your horse. Only the highest grade Western bits from the leading manufacturers on the marked, among them Ken McNabb, Highpoint and Reinsman.

Grass chisels are convenient and well suited for trekking or other smoother rides, while drum toe chisels are popular for less trained riders. Whilst many of these bits are easy and soft enough for basics, Mary's Tack and Feed also features a range of ornamental bits from labels such as Bob Avila Private Collection, which are perfect for use in western show rings.

Buy our full range of western stock, bridle and bridle inserts to find truly extraordinary, high value choices at a price that won't go beyond your budgets.

Overhead Curb Bits - Trainingsbits

Westerns bits include kerb bits. Bits that have a leverage effect through the use of shafts and a kerbstone or warp. Kerb chisels exert stress on the rods, tongues, jaws and mouth. Length and linearity of the shaft can cause increased or decreased compression and influence the speed of the western bits.

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Adjunta moon horse workout bits are a very special workout, because the oral cavity increases in length when..... Argentina Correction Muth Port Bits The relatively long, relatively flat shaft ensures a fast reaction of your horse. Young- or non-trained horse..... Argentina Snaffle bit, The Argentine Snaffle mouthpiece.

Bridle mouths in high-grade stems. Argentinian sweet iron Low Porth The low porth provides some lingual reliefs. Linear high-grade stems provide for a fast reaction...... Black Iron Show Futurity Snuffle Bite Nice show bite with copper-coloured roll neck and silvery detail next to the cheek.


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