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Western-style horses are a tribute to the power, mysticism and grace of the horse that inhabited the West. lf you only read one western novel in your life, make it this one. Have a look at more ideas about horse books, horse history and vintage horses. "Gail McCarthy's books are among my favorite mysteries of the present and Crum is for my money the successor to the mysterious giant Dick Francis." It is the most complete Western saddle fitting guide on the market.

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Justin Lawrence, coach for pure-cast horses, tells why his entry-level device is a Bill Black hackamore. Justin Lawrence, coach for pure-cast horses, tells why his entry-level device is a Bill Black Hackamore. Had it not come directly from the cowboy Apache Adams, we'd have sworn it was a big story.

Purchase the painless back and nut handle of the Western horse.

Dr. Joyce Harman's best-selling books and DVD discs on Sattelfit have won enthusiastic critics and contributed to improving the life of competitive and leisure equestrian sports enthusiasts around the globe. Due to the great interest she has now created the full references on back and nose for the western age. Throughout this most thorough, exhaustive of books, Dr. Harman, veterinary surgeon and renowned equine adjustment specialist, informs the readers about the horse's conformity - in particular the back, waist, ribs, shoulder shapes; the saddle's design - boom, rods, seat, skirts, fleet, esophagus, and stirrup; and the rider's conformity.

Here she will explain how all these factors must be taken into account to keep the horse comfortably. You will also learn more about the proper use of padding, how to adjust your pad for different types of sport such as pureing, tailing, pleasure riding and trails, and how to maintain your horse's back in the long and medium run.

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Stoecklein's best horse photograph, gathered over the years to record the West's mind on video, shows this photographical homage to the horse's strength, mysticism and charm. Buster McLaury, painter and horse expert, tells an epic story about the Western horse, from its appearance on the banks of North America in the sixteenth millennium, to the time when manustangs wandered the land, to the time when they searched for clues to the present day.

Several of the largest live U.S. riders are answering race, colour, training as well as achievement related queries, and other performers are providing poetic and storytelling to compliment the stunning photographs.

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