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SmartPak's Western Training Equipment. Westernriding is the term used for this machine, the tie. Padded, corrective western saddle pads and other trail horse products to improve your ride. We' ve got everything from western saddles, stirrups, holders, bits, reins and much more!

Western-training equipment

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Western Horse Equipment

The Cashel Western Saddle Sads, you can get a valance anywhere. Cashel has developed special cushions that you won't find anywhere else. Also, they have several options of rest protections to keep your best pad looking their best. It is an excellent cover for use under costly saddles to prolong their service lives and prevent perspiration and debris from accumulating in the fibres.

It has a centre line that adapts better to the back of the horse. This is a traditionally smooth, supple lining that prolongs the lifespan of your pad. Absorb perspiration and soiling from your horse. It is an excellent cover for use under costly saddles to avoid perspiration and debris accumulation in the fibres.

Adapts to the back of the horse. Additional upholstery without impairing the appearance of the upholstery. Western Cashel ProtectorsSometimes we pay so much for a specific Western Schabracke that a little more cover makes sense. Occasionally this smooth stitched favourite is difficult to find due to care issues.

Washing, smooth, brush -finish jeans protection that can be used under any seatpads. Made of 100% absorbant cottons, this protection ensures that perspiration is conducted away from the horse. With no change to the supreme shock -absorbing effect of the classical Cashel cushion, the cooling options have ventilation openings in the entire cushion that reduces the thermal stress, ensures "breathability" and increases the horse's comforts.

We can have a pillowcase made for you if you need one. Exchangeable styrofoam insets allow the adaptation to different types of horse and calf. Reversing wedge pads offer enhanced cushioning over the delicate wither area, preventing the nut from slipping forward or can be used to levele the newborn.

Aids in preventing back pain and relieves back pain. Pillows with wedges offer enhanced safety over the delicate back area or can be used to leve the back. Reversing padding provides enhanced cushioning over the delicate wither area, prevents the nut from slipping forward or can be used to levele the newborn.

Your Cashel® pillow is made of a one-of-a-kind closed-cell cellular foam which has originally been developed for the construction and flight of the aeronautics, electronics and other aerospace industries. The Cashel® pillow will not break down or absorbs humidity and germs, as is the case with open-cell plastic cushions, nor will it store cold and create an unnecessarily high caloric value, as is the case with gels in an opencellular form.

Your Cashel® pillow adapts to the back of your horse and is tapering at the edges to remove unpleasant back burrs, which allows close communication with your horse. Put your Cashel® pillow (label side up) on an absorbent  cloth and place your semitrailer directly on top. Cashel cowhion swingback pads prevent the nut from sitting on the horse's shoulders and loins by padding the empty area on the back of a swingback horse.

The illustration (left) shows how the average width of 2" narrows in the direction of 3/4", follows the grilles and fills the trough of a pendulum horse. In between Shaped / Game Case and Full Western Case, your swingback pillow works with any Western nut. Western-style saddlesSometimes we pay so much for a specific pads that some additional cover makes sense.

The Navajo BlanketsThese are the same ones used in the PF riders as well. Constructed with a 600 deniers thick top material, 1/2 inches Cashel plastic and 1/4 inches felt inlay. Punched for additional airflow, then with a soft and fleecy floor for added comforts. The colours shown in the table (top right) are available in either rectangular or moulded non-woven floors.

The Cashel Western T-Shush CushionsGive your "Tush" the same level of riding quality that you do. Cashel Tyush Cushion®â??s meticulous construction only relieves you where you need it, so that you can drive comfortable for long. Its Cashel Cushion® consists of the same closed-cell lamellar as its popular Cashel Cushionâ"® Saddle Pillows, which do not conflate like open-cell lamellas.

Adaptable Nylons keep your CASHEEL TAUSH CUSHION® securely in place and prevent the slipping and displacement that occurs with other seats. Coverall : Gleicher casual Coverall : Gleicher casual Western Long Teeush Coverall : Gleicher casual Coverall : Gleicher casual Western Long Teeush Cush bodysuit, mit Fleecefutter. This is the Gleicher Western Luxury T-Shirt Cush Bodysuit, mit Fleecefutter. This is the same casual Western Long Teeush Cush Shirt, with soft cotton padding.

The same Cashel Western Luxury Tush Cush bodysuit, with soft leather and softness. Upholstery 00+ saddles, we do not sharing the sufferings of our buddies with Argentinean or older stirrups. Suitable for Western stirrups. Cashel is made of hardwearing polyamide. Medium Western: 1 3/4" to 2 1/4" steps.

Western-sized large: 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" steps. Western-X-large: 4-part harness system. There are two front and four rear bands that allow you to attach your coat and panniers to each of them. Ribbons are stitched on straps that fit your nut and your canvas.

Fitted with 5 bands. Western-style saddle and trail sags, as well as cashel panniers are made to meet all your needs. The PVC padded pouches keep foods and drinks cool for long periods and are detachable for ease of cleaning. Remarkably large hole for strategic placement for simple mounting to any seat. Bind bands to maple pouches and cantlebags to hold them while riding.

CashLeal col packs are practical when you go out. You can use them in your saddlebags to keep your drinks cool for years. On the right side there is a cushioned front compartment with detachable isolator and inside Velcro-fastener. CASHELLELLETIC SADDE OFF cashellelletic sadde off billets Unique, patent design with a powerful, flexible strap that offers your horse more comforts and possibly better performa.

The Cashel Ring Master prevents your horse from bruising or rubbing on the RCA-ring. Make sure your horse is comfortable under your seat. The Cashel Fleece Ring Master prevents your horse from bruising and rubbing on the cinchring. Make sure your horse is comfortable under your seat. Westernsattel Converter turns any Western nut into an inch RCA.

Fits every Western saddle, (And the smooth saddle) Detachable and easy to wash fleeced back is smooth and comfy for your horse. Fits any Western saddle (and the Saddle if you have one.) The detachable and launderable neopren back is smooth and comforted.

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