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What is currently moving in the western world? View more ideas about horse show, horses and showmanship jacket. Upholstery Circle Y EBS Western Trail. Headgear that is not permitted is only clothing. With a large selection of English and Western Tack, riding clothes, boots, riding gifts &

toys, jewelry and horse accessories.

What is the difference between riding in Western and German?

If you are a little new to the horse riding scene, you can listen to the terms'English' and'Western' for riding style and equipment. Here is a brief review of the two different genres, which do not differ so much at first glance. Anglophone: Riding in England is very informal and striking, with horsemen who usually wear high heels, trousers and jackets as well as a cap or riding coat.

Drivers usually keep both fingers on the rein when driving. It is very plain and stylish, without a high back or ruff. Basically it looks (and is) like a horse back harness with stirrup. A few joint riding activities are held in the British style:

Polo, Dressage, Show Hunter and the bigger class German Pleasure. Western: You think of Western when you think of a cowboy on a horse. Riding in the west developed from the working cows and breeders, and the way they worked reflected their work. Horsemen often have only one handed on the horseback, and many activities are a rest from ranching, such as abseiling cows.

Western riding clothes can be casually, functional, western or conspicuous. Westernsattel has a high back for more convenience, mounting possibilities and a stirrup. It is better suitable fortility riding than the slim, light British version. A few popular Western styled shows are:

and Team Penning. In spite of their difference, both types are similar, because the driver is sitting up straight, with stapes. People of one category will probably love the shows in the other, but there are certainly esthetic accents that distinguish each of them.

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