Western Horse Riding Gear

Riding western equipment

What is currently moving in the western world? Western riders dress differently from "English" dressage, hunting or saddle riders. Drive in style with our fantastic selection of men's, women's and children's clothing, boots and accessories. Western Equipment - Show TackNylon TackSpurs & StrapsRodeo EquipmentTraining EquipmentCamping &

Trail Riding - Horse Supplies - Grooming. It is one of the best states for trail rides thanks to the majestic views and public paths through the entire western landscape.

Roadside Riding Gear & Pack Equipment

If you get the equipment you need to get on the track, think about what you will use. Here you will find some great saddle packs and panniers for a beautiful excursion that is ideal for a horsebackrider. Anything too big to overburden your horse. When you are on the road longer, we have beautiful large panniers and cartons that offer the chance of a week-long outing in the countryside or the company of your happy friends, the unpacking of accommodations or a beautiful stag horn.

We have several people here working in our tacker shop making woven wire mesh cases that can withstand the toughest environments and the toughest burdens.... rely on us, we have put them to the test! In other words, don't forget all the needs for a campout: clothing, bedside roller, shower equipment, nutrition, spotlights, fountain solution, TP, cam, a way to boot your telephone, towels, mirrors and of course a cafe.

Making the most of your journey, a little prep means no worry and much less headaches. Take particular care of your horse's RCA, stirrup and boots. So you have no surprises on the way. Get more drinking soda than you think and make sure you get an energizing snack or canteen.

Plus, keep in mind salve, a replacement boots and accessories for your horse. Fortunately, much of what is in a first Aid box can also work for your horse! Bring a boyfriend with you when you're out and about - it's more enjoyable and a good security notion. Even better, join a riding association or services organisation such as Back Country Horsemen and record more lessons on your favourite routes.

As you become more comfortable with tracks, you can be more cognizant of the dilapidated tree, pits and other dangers that can befall you and your passengers. Please have a saw, a pocket knife or a multi-tool as well as adhesive band for repair work. After all, it should be good manners: always try to keep on track.

If you are looking for back country walks in Utah, where should you go? South of Utah the paths through Bryce Canyon are stunning. Upstairs in our forest, in North Utah, there are paths in the Uintaas as well as along the Wasatch front, which are lovely stretches of wildlife you need to see.

By the way, click here and visit the Back Country Horsemen of Utah, they have a great Facebook page and always have great shows on their calendars.

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