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Accessories for western horses

In addition to trail riding, there are also saddles for rope and barrel races. And not to mention the fancy show saddles. For every occasion there is a saddle.


Westernsadtel accessories for fitting, repairing or upgrading your saddle. Westernsadtel accessories such as saddle blankets, Latin bands or off-bolts. Use a saddle blanket to keep your saddle away from dust, parasites or wet. Ratigo belts attach your RCA to your saddle and are located on the near side of the horse.

The off clubs also link the RCA to the saddle, but are smaller and are used on the other side of the horse. Westernsattelzubehör offers accessories from Martin Saddlery and Weaver Leder at reasonable costs.

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Lazio hide. The incision is thin but thick, resulting in less volume in the circumference and the legs can move freely. Conical ends to make it easy to put on the Latito. Manufactured from high-quality bay Latin leathers with bay Latin leathers for attachment to the saddle. Burgundian Lanigo bracelet is 1 1/2" x 5' long.

Extremely smooth wetsuit prevents itching and eating under rough circumstances. Three-quarters" of all leathers away from Latin. 3/4" x 26 1/2", suitable for every Tucker saddle. In 1 3/4" thick Latin-skin. Double sewn 1 3/4" hard-wearing, stretch-free, high-quality Latino-Leder. Prevent your RCA ring from tweaking or scrubbing your horse.

Simple to put on and provides for the comforts of your horse under the saddle. 48 " long, collapsible zippered harness with metal coated bolts.

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They are very comfy. Those jackboots are ludicrously comfy! Tailored - I am wearing 9 in Redwings/most other footwear, and 9s are a perfect match. It' s amazingly smooth and smooth, and they hardly had a fracture in it. Every so often I get a comment on my boot when it wears off.

To get the protective effect I use impartial bootpolme.


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Western Weaver Organic Bell Western Stirrup. These high-grade stirrup straps are upholstered in vegetable-sweet belt skin and have brown shoelaces. These stapes are favourite for trails, ropes and ranches and offer additional space for easy entry and exit.

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