Western Horse show Saddles


Saddles from Silver Royal and Tex Tan. Showhorses saddles with light & dark oil finish, inlaid silver & embossed leather.

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If it comes to a matter of qualitiy, as in the show ring, we have a large choice of western saddles. You come with very detail tools, full seat sterling and riding chairs that are counterbalanced with a bag to keep you in the right one. Look for tight-fitting saddles with lower knob and buzzer for better cue and reins tracking.

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Your most important turning point is the seat, and the serious western saddler needs a high-quality seat. Mary's Tock and Feed offers a wide range of rugged Western saddles for every horse owner and every horse type, includes Western saddles, Stamina, Reining and Westerns. Mary's range of Western saddles and Western saddles are great all-round saddles that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Many of these western saddles have properties such as padded seat cushions, close-fitting backcoats, and smooth, flexible leathers to maximise horse and horse riding comforts. Mary's Western perseverance saddles are perfect for long horseback riding and demanding competitions. Perseverance saddles offer additional convenience and strength. Trademarks like Tucker will keep these western stamina saddles as long as you and your horse.

Mary's offers a wide range of wonderful western saddles for the western horsewoman on his way to the show pens, which will make you standing out from the mass. Featuring embossed calfskin, embossed calfskin and comfortably upholstered seat, these high-quality western saddles are attractive and well-designed. Have a look at our range of used western saddles, where we often offer stylish show saddles at a good value.

Mary's Western Saddles for Specific Breeds section contains saddles specially designed for the horse with original exterior and gait. Walking stallions, for example, need more space in the shoulders to be able to move freely. Mary offers smaller saddles for young horse back bikers with a safe feeling that will help your baby win the trust and improve his abilities.

Whether horse or horseman, Mary's Tock offers a large choice of inexpensive western saddles from the top western stacks manufacturers.

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