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RIDER ATTIRE for show ring events:

What is going on in Western Show fashion

When you perform at western venues, your sophisticated, current participation will increase your self-confidence and attract the judge's attention. You will want to be stylish outside the show business if you are living the western way of life. But, as you know, western showwear, show tacks and street wear fashions are changing from seasons to seasons.

We talked to Western specialists about this one. Continue reading to get the shovel on everything from showwear and tack to western clothing and accessoires. Figure out what's currently boiling and what's going down the western path. During 2004 we will see a steady resurgence of more elegant, less beautiful dresses," says Suzanne Drnec of Hobby Horse Clothing Company.

" Sergeant Cherryl from Sergeant's Western World approves. "Knitwear manufacturers are a real hit in western showwear because of their comfortable and snug-fitting. "The retro is more an emphasis than a focal point, such as e.g. a braid or embroidery," says Drnec. The retro impact also varies from grade to grade, Sergeant notices.

Conversely, says Sarge, top amateur riders go with monochrome, top-toe co-ordination in equitation and showsmanship skills. The monochrome look is worn to the utmost in the Western Lustschreiber, with crystal on the bows and leg for added pep. The best bet: when you are adding clothes to your showroom, think of classical, vintage looks, but with a trend towards more colour than in recent years.

Mitternachtsblau, Dunkelgrün and Schokolade provide secure yet unmistakable alternative to it. "After all, Western drivers seem to have found out that if they are wearing blacks from top to bottom, they will all look the same, no difference how much they spend," says Drnec. This new top for western enjoyment: blinkies with drama highlights such as full grain leathers and a wealth of crystal and rhinestone that attract the judge's attention.

A knitted cardigan with a broad neck and gauntlet, with or without a vest," Sergeant commented. The Babe Woods of Woods Western agrees. Waistcoats that caress many different kinds of people are not as much loved as in recent years, Sergeant commented. "They' re giving you that pardonable look at your waist," says Woods.

The blazer is still an important element of the show - with a turn. "Wow, there' s as much fun in the show as there is in the lessons right now," says Woods. While black is still the most favourite colour, the use of sandy and dark brown is on the rise. However, if you have a limited budgets, just buy the best set of caps you can buy in a natural colour and they will last for years.

High-grade and beautifully formed caps keep their footing in the show pens. Traditionally, the pleat is still the most frequent and a plain hat band with a silvery clasp. Well formed hay caps stay appropriate in the summers, especially for trails, cleaning and workhorses, says Drnec. Extravagant fillings are warm - but they won't show up under your chops and stapes.

Leathers, double-welded insoles are becoming more and more popular, but crêpe insoles are still made. Match your waist colour to your show trousers and caps for a sleek look. Silvery moulding stays firm. Kristallbesetzte Gurts are large; some Top Konkurrenten co-ordinate coloured asiatic cristals to their shirts and even adds cristals to silvery buckles and point set.

"Drnec says, "A sturdy, simple girdle that silently mixes with trousers and caps is by far the most complimentary look for western riding and amusement attire. Her crystallised show shirt opens the door again for fashion jewellery such as charms, pens and pierced ears. A new look: satin scarfs, especially those with quartz stones.

Men's Show Clothes. Crispy fortified ox-ford styled jersey with chops and denims remains an eye-catcher. Western retro-inspired jackets - think of classical western bays and latches - also appear. When you find a crispy, neat check top, you will stand out; if not, stay with the proven plain colours that supplement your horse.

To create a classical show look, wear a sports jacket in discreet check or earth-coloured designs with shirts and ties, reinforced plissed trousers, a high-quality cap and fashionable crêpe or calfskin shoes. While tack is relatively slower than clothing trend, you still need to know what makes you a show person.

Let me see the backgauge. Colour of cowhide. According to the pundits, colour will stay where it has been for years: lighting. "Nowhere do I see this[trend] going," says Dan Woods of Woods Western. The Arabic western amusement ring even sees brighter calipers than normal and moves away from the black hide that has long been seen in this area.

Simultaneously, Woods and other trends observers notice that more and more horsemen are shifting away from the bright, blonde, whitened look to some colored seats. The colours of the seats also stay more or less the same - either dark or bright to middle rusty. Simultaneously, longer dresses - up to 30 inch as compared to the more conventional 28 - are sighted at some high-end shows.

30-inch skirts can look disproportionate long, especially on small, youngsters. Comprehensive tools are still an important pillar of the show pens; flower and oaken leaves are among the most favoured. "Jatropha and Depletion Samples are the number two bestsellers," says Dan Woods. Basket weaving designs alone are still not making a return in the western amusement ring, although interest in a floral/basketweaving combined design is growing - especially one that looks more flowery when assembled.

Sterling Silver. Attractive sterling is becoming more and more fashionable. "All you can afford," says Dan Woods, and adds that favourite styles contain "everything in relief," like pearls and dents. You will see more and more of this kind of jewellery wrapped around the rock edges of your seat - but you won't see it everywhere. "It' one of those things that some folks like and others don't," says Mark Jemelka of Circle Y of Yoakum, Inc.

You can also look for elaborately carved sterling silver or sterling silver in combination with sterling steels, coppers or golds. In the upper western desire circuits you can even see coloured rocks or crystal on silvery corner plates. Again, think ofury. Particularly warm are the silvery graved clasps that reflect your nut and the ear and cheekphones, instead of the round tubular look.

Again sterling - like for example sterling silver coating on customized bith. Heavier chisels with multi-jointed mouth pieces that allow participants to guide their horse with minimum manual work. Metallo-golden yarns weaved into the material are also in fashion, says Dan Woods. Embellish your pads with silvery Conchoes and genuine cowhide suede. With such a mat you can co-ordinate three different garment colours - but make sure that your matted mat does not rival your overall image.

Wherever you go, you should be able to reflect your Western way of life! Women's clothes. Ginger Wallace of Roper Apple & Footwear says it' s really something out there. Noticing that Roper has taken his 55-year-old archive to give his retro-inspired shirts an authentically clean look, which includes antique Flora and Americana designs. Colour. Today's colour laws are "made to be broken," says Wallace.

Western-style accents are set by horse shoes, leathers, strass stones and silvery rivets. Men's clothes. There is nothing you can do incorrectly with a western skyline that becomes narrower at the waist, with press buttons and bay. Color. Retain your five bags, but don't be shy about wearing casual jeans made of smooth, fractured stock.

"Used to be all denim pre-washed, rigid," says Ben Rapp of Wrangler. "There is now a rising need for stone-washed fabrics that are smoother - and new for Westerners. Western-style equipment. "We used a mid-size classic boots with additional tech to make our Western Heritage line convenient and flexible," he says.

Conventional, high-quality felt headgear remains the golden benchmark in western headgear. For a soft western look, we recommend a small woollen felt cap in hot summers and in colder weather. and it jumps back to its initial form, observes Chip Alexander of the Bailey Has Company.

Conchoes in sterling steel with smaller rivets are still the trend, both inside and outside the show. Even with conventional tools, such as basketwork, nothing can go awry. Make sure this practical Western garment stays warmer and drier this year. Affordable and convenient, they have an genuine western look and feel. Good value for money.

" At the same time, you can resist at the expense of some high performing plastics, or you have the feeling that an artificial material does not fit your western outdoor appearance. Actual synthetical isolation in western clothing comprises polar woolece ( "polyester fleece"), thin-sulate (a polyester/olefin mixture of minute microfibres) and lamilite (used in high-tech sleep bags).

It is better to use watertight materials such as Gore Tex from Classic Cover-Ups, Ultrex from Walls Industries and Ultra Fab from Have Saddle-Will Travel.

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