Western Horse Store

The Western Horse Store

Opening hours daily! We have horse equipment, grooming, rider/showwear, hat and boot store located in western Maryland near Deep Creek Lake. Equestrian clothing - Soft blankets - Lightweight - Mediumweight - Heavyweight - Canvas. S├Ąttel, Cowboy Hats & Stiefel, J&

J Tack Shack offers a complete range of horse accessories, English saddles, Western saddles, Seminole feeds, horse, pet and cattle accessories. Store WH - Product Spotlight - Featured Partners - Classifieds - Subscribe - New - Renew - Manage - Newsletter Registration - Horses Handle Cattle Best.


The Pro Air-Ventilation Schock Absorbent Neoprene base provides the highest level of leg protection and is punched to keep the feet warm and cold. Strategic positioning of padding made of neoprene with perforation and shock-absorbing materials for more convenience and better aeration. Quick-dried and Pro Air-Ventilation lining that wicks away perspiration from the horse's face to keep the horsery.

Contoured darts developed according to the horse's bone structure to ensure a flawless cut and low strain on the horse's body area. Intelligently located, arched dart that accommodates the bondage of the foot and thus offers a flawless fitting and assistance. As some of the renowned top marks they offer ultimative security and high achievement for horse bones in all disciplines of the equestrian sport.

Thanks to its ergonomical shape, it offers the necessary level of wearer safety and convenience to the sinews, straps and ankle hinges, which is very unique for our shoes.

SMART PACK WESTERN - horse accessories, accessories and accessories

SmartPak has been using our intelligence for good health and good luck since 1999. In the course of the years we have extended our services from the feeding station to the saddle room and have grown from a one-stop-store for all horse accessories to the biggest on-line store for riding equipment in the USA and to the number 1 at Google.

Featuring free daily shipments, free returns for all sizes, and our 100% Happiness Guarantee, it's simple to understand why more and more people are making SmartPak their first port of call for everything from horse goods to ridingwear.

Glitterati Appaloosa Western Horse 1735

Exhibited to commemorate the sixty-fiveth birthday of Breyer Animal Creations. Breathtaking Glitterati is a gorgeous brown Appaloosa - an US race reminiscent of our Western legacy - with three-coloured faces, streaked hoofs and a high-gloss finishing. This is the horse with which it all began! In 1950, it led horse enthusiasts to get in touch with the Breyer Molding Company to find out whether they were producing other models.

This was the showpiece that led the Breyer Molding Company to a new fate as Breyer Animal Creations.

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