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Jumpers, bridles, reins and more. The J&J Tack Shack range includes a full range of horse saddles, English saddles, western saddles, seminole feeds, horse, pet and livestock accessories. Store Western and English saddles, Tack & Dog Stuff Store treeless saddle, flex tree saddle, side-saddle, show saddle, chaps, show saddle and horse nails.

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You need a real horse enthusiast to get all the things your four-legged friends wants and needs. Shop offers: Many of the well-known makes are available to equip your horse and your shed. There is Western & Deutsch Tack, as well as in stock, as well as rodeo and 4-HG.

Western- tack and horse accessories for sales

We' re relocating and sell our 2 Quarter Horse $2500 apiece, horse neck and accessories and a 2h front loader horse trailer $2500. $100 horse seat post, $20 horse stand each, western seat, bridle, reins, bit, care product, seatings, handlebar. We' ve got an 11 panels with a $1400 round pin for all parts together, $100 round ball holders, $60 Christmas parade tack for horse (never used), $50 per piece Winters Horse rugs, $60 per piece mosquito nets, $60 per piece mosquito napkins with legs, etc.......

Please e-mail me and I can provide you with images and prizes, or you can drop by to see what we have. And I know that a horse-owning man can never have too much stickiness and horse accessories.

Genuine Harness Belts genuine leathers from the bluegrass world. Meticulously carved, handmade and hand-polished to the highest standards of handcraft.

We want to invest more energy and resource in our leathershop. Because: Cheap, high-quality, handmade leathers are what we are known for. Genuine Harness Belts genuine leathers from the bluegrass world. Made from selected skins. This is the same type of hide that fits into our favourite garment holsters.

We' re proud of our leathers and don't conceal them behind coloured edgeband. Sturdy, attractive leathers make this the ideal garment, but robust enough to be worn every time. Restorer is a deep care from the inside out. Soften and care for old and new leathers. It contains a mixture of abundant, regenerating oil that transforms lean, tough leathers into natural agility.

Non-oily or tacky, the skin does not significantly obscure and does not damage the seams.

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