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The world' s leading magazine for Western horses and Western equestrian sport. West Rider Abonnement-Manager... Your we will not disclose your payment details.

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Horseman was designed for equestrians and lovers. Every month's edition contains exercise technique, equestrian advice and race reports. Posted by life-long equestrianists, Western Horseman is the signpost for people who have dedicated themselves to equestrianism. Every edition is full of reports about equestrian sports, show, grooming as well as feed.

In each new edition, top drivers pass on their workout advice. It also includes healthcare items from top vets, step-by-step guides on how to become a better horseman, and proven exercise philosophy. Western Horseman is ideal for horses everywhere, from behind-the-scenes images of rodeo and cowboys meetings to stables managment features.

If you want to know more about trekking, rodeos, horse riding, cattle breeding or practice, you will look forward to every new edition of Western Horseman. Designed for beginners and advanced horsemen equally, Western Horseman will attract horsemen of all age. Featuring top equipment advice, Western arts and fool-proof exercise technique, Western Horseman is a sure bet for equestrian lovers everywhere.

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Go to the Gifts Center to find great gifts for everyone on your docket. Every time of the week, I look forward to my Western Horseman. The Western Horseman Magazine is a great magazine. Western-Horseman magazine offers fun storytelling, among them really fun old-timer cowboys' tales.

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