Western Leather Bridles

Leather Western bridles

It can be supplied in nylon, rawhide or leather. Bridles for all types of western riding. Wigwam Rope Rope Headstall. Headstall Western Edge One Ear. Tools and accessories shown below are used in the premium video series that teaches you how to make your own western bridle.

western bridle

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Western Deluxe Leather Headstall

In our study we make our Western leather headpieces from the same high grade USA bridles as our Western bridles (Wickett & Craig of America). These bridles are supplemented with the horseshoe mark high-grade stealware ("Jeremiah Watt" design). Hardwares is a flowery design in brushed high-grade finish with contrast nuances for a luxurious look.

For a disguised copy of our western leather headpiece, that's it. Délouxe blade reigns are also available. Take 1 1/2 " to 2 from the edge of the horse's muzzle. Then, check the girth of the horse's nostrils. Headpiece: At the same point (1 1/2" - 2 from the edge of the horse's mouth), run your measuring scale to the very top of the survey (to the point between the right ears) and duplicate this number.

It determines the headpiece that your equine needs. Our company stands behind the qualtity and processing of our product.

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