Western Leather Headstall

Leather headstall

Leather Western Flat Armour Strap. Cowboy style Weaver Floral Tooled Contoured Browband headpiece. Berlin Custom Leather Cowboy Headstall. Developed for the working cowboy in the headpiece with Herman Oak leather and solid brass hardware. Double broderie Tahoe Browband Western Headstall (Medium Oil, Pony).

Western Deluxe Leather Headstall

In our study we make our Western leather headpieces from the same high grade USA leather as our Western Leather Headpieces (Wickett & Craig of America). The horseshoe is complemented by high-grade high-grade iron hard ware (design: Jeremiah Watt). For a disguised copy of our western leather headstall, that's it.

Délouxe blade reigns are also available. Take 1 1/2" to 2 from the edge of the horse's muzzle. Then, check the girth of the horse's nostrils. Headstall: At the same point (1 1/2" - 2 from the edge of the horse's mouth), run your measuring scale to the very top of the survey (to the point on the right between your ears) and duplicate the reading.

It determines the headpiece that your equine needs. Our company stands behind the qualtity and processing of our product.

Dr. Cook® Bitless Western Headstall

A BRIDLE THAT TRIGGERED THE BITELESS REVOLUTION! Dr. Cook Brand® Headstall has an independant bridle strap and a soft, convenient nose strap that provides a clear, painless and immediate clearance. Though undeniably a bridle without teeth, The Bitless Bridle has no other similarity to the already existent and conventional bridle without teeth.

Dr. Cook BS Headstall works according to a completely new and different design than all existing headstalls. Quadrilateral bridges offer full-services communications, while conventional quadrilateral bridges have restrictions in their capacity to enable riders to communicate with horses. They are available seperately. Handmade from high grade US fence leather.

Made by some of the best US leather manufacturers. With western clasps and detachable Conchoes at the headband.

Western Leather Bitless Bridle Headstall

Dr. Robert Cook's Bittsless Western Leather Headstall is the genuine Bittsless Headstall, a humanitarian replacement for the Bronze Age dentition technique. Bitslessbridle is developed to eliminate the sometimes unpleasant bits without compromising communications and controls. A lot of horsemen find that their horses are more laid back and alert in the bite less bridles without the teeth being pressed on their tongues.

When cared for properly, your bridles will become smooth and flexible, adapting to your horse's mind to perfection. bridles are not supplied, you can use your favourite bridles or, if you like, you can buy the right bridles seperately. buchanananan' dress cook bitsless western brush Review by mary - I hesitantly bought dress cook's bitsless brush for my vivacious little gem, he knows everything with and without carrying it in the way I wanted.

I' m not having any problems with him, but once a little is in his mouth, he' ll be arguing with him as he can! to my great surprise I now have a very thoughtful, co-operative, respectful and gently pacing gelding sitting in a drum cookies biteless bridles! I just can't believe it and guess that my son is just as surprised that he doesn't have to fight around a little bit. he is a changed saddled as wonderfully as he has been on the floor all this time. yipp.

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