Western Ponies for Sale

estern ponies for sale

Are you still looking for the ultimate Western Pleasure Pony? Western-style Pleasure Ponies for sale Rent or Sell in Novelty Ohio at Hunter Vale @ Red Raider The Little....

Sole Otravia is a 2009 entered brown filly with 14 years. She is a very cute SSH (no papers) filly, 13 years old. "Lacey " is an extraordinarily well broken filly, suited for most people.

Peeping "Jane" Watch Mr Chic X Two ID Sweet Blonde (Two ID Sweet Jack) 2018 Bay Filly OQHA # ....

Western-style Pleasure Ponies - Color and Pinto Western Pleasure Ponies for sale

the heartstealin gall - 1993 apa maroon and albino tobacco / oboe. One of the most beautiful small Paint / Pinto markings for sale! They love to be managed and are a true "people pony". She' s a sporty little chick who makes a striking middle size bangshunter or distinguishes herself as a Western Pleasure bangs for children.

From Ebony Heath ( "APHA"), from Italians. Heards of desire - 1996 APHA Sauerampfer and Williams tobacco-horse. Originating from a very well breeded 13-handed Quarter Horse filly, she is the only straight "Atahi" progeny left under 13-2-handed for the middle ponies!

From " Atahi " (APHA - AVSA Champion Sire), from " Little bit Glo " (AQHA). HSHUNTED HEAVEN hshunted heaven - Very unusual APHA bay and tennis horse named tobacco. When you want to gain the Medium Hunter Pony In Hand category, Hunted Hart is your girlfriend. "Hacked Heart" is 13-1 7/8 handed, and is such a beautiful movers that she will shine in every "A" show Medium Pony Hunter or Children's Hunter Pony Division.

Her 3/4 sibling " K G Masquerade " was always at the top of the "A " Large Print Hunter Tour in Canada and "Haunted Heart" is equally gifted. From Halloween (APHA), from Cat My Hart (APHA - "Atahi" daughter). This bangs will make you a "star"!

c g mystique - 1988 apha talomino and albino purebred mares. She' ll be able to show in the English and/or the Western class. Mystique" bred a wonderful chestnut foal with offspring of "Phantom Heart" in 1996. In 2000 she gave birth to a chic brown and knows embroidery foal by a monochrome one!

The year 2001 she manufactured a Devonian Stallion Foal (FANCY) out of deerskin! From " Halloween " (APHA), from " Sugar blues " (APHA - full sisters to AHSA Champion Sire Atahi). Tree-to-my-hart: Coach's spec. Trauetto My Hart - Grullo and Dobbiaco horse. From Atahi ( "APHA"), from J Bar's Patchwork ( "APHA").

"He was not worked under saddles because he had serious medical conditions in our extended household when he should have started his workouts. If you want to buy a well-bred pet to take with you or with a coach, then" Tru To My Heart" is a good buy for $1,500.

It would make Cream Hart and Hert Skip an eye-catching group! Acream Heit - APHA pearlino offspring. From " Atahi" (APHA), from "Skips Dixie" (APHA excerpt from "Sir Raleigh" (AQHA father from 1981 world show Copenhagen/Skoal Superhorse, "Skip's Sierra Nick"). Sheart Skip - APHA creamy and Dobbiaco horse.

It should be an eye-catching little cleaner or an unusual big bangshunter. "Heard Skip " makes someone a very friendly showjumper! From " Atahi " (APHA), from " Skips Dixie " (APHA - several times holster champion and own subsidiary of " Sir Raleigh " - AQHA). Heart' s Light - 1991 APHA mares APHA chestnuts and tobacco-tabiano.

Beautiful "A" circular course with a great view of the ponies. Or..... if you are looking for an unusual bangs for the tests for young horses, you have come to the right place! From Ebony Hart (APHA), from Win My Hart (APHA). Heards AFIRE - 1991 APHA Sauerampfer and Williams Tobiano/Overo filly. It is also able to hunt the big ponies, as it has just 14-2 handlers and the motion, shape and posture to be successful in the "A" switching.

It can make a beautiful long Trob for the English language and is easy to collect for a gentle western jogging Lust. From " Atahi " (APHA), from " Little bit Glo " (1968 AQHA chestnut filly -- expanded family tree available). Southern-heart - sold -1993 full-seal gelding. "The Southern Heart" is a lovely movers, a real leader switcher and is cultivated as the victor in every "A" firm!

From Atahi, from Skips Dixie. Kaci-moore from Hamilton, Ohio buying Southern Hart! Heard BLAZONE - 1993 massive darkbrown Gelding. He' gonna make a great big bangshunter! For you Quarter ponies fans, you have just found your all-round view, as Blaze will also be shining in the western meetings.

From Ebony Heath, from J Bar's Marchwork, one of my best mothers. BEHAVIOUR GOLDEN behaviour golden 1994. It has the appearance, predisposition and physical capacity to be very effective in jumping....or..... He also has the body and the talents to do the Western Pleasure courses.

Allow' Bloessed Heart' to be your child's next best mate! From Ebony Hart, from J Bar's March. This is DESERT Héart - APHA light coloured horse chest and Dobiano horse. "The Desert Heart" is an extraordinary filly! She' s 1/4 thoroughbred and has a beautiful bloodline on both sides (her mother is a full sibling to our 1991 stud "Close To Heart" and her father is a full brood to AHSA Champion Hunter, "Bedazzle").

When your aim is to compete with the best in the land, Desert Hart will be leaving the competition'high and dry'! From Ebony Heath ( "APHA"), from Italians. principality - 1997 apha darkgolden deerskin and white tobiano filly. She is a beautiful foal (65% deerskin/35% white), both with a beautiful color. She is available in mene and tails.

As a line breeder "Atahi", what more could you want! She' a full sibling of Desert Hart. "Thoroughbred Heart" should be an excellent cut or broodmare. Their manes are silken and mostly knows. She would also make a really unusual sports bangs, as she will remain under 14 years. From " Ebony Heard " (black APHA), from " Deerskin / Whitepal.

heaven thy - 1998 apha darkgolden deerskin and whitew tobiano-fill. She is a full sibling of " Thievin Heath " (1997 APHA tobiano foal - see above). She' s excellent at reins or cuts or will be an unusual big bangshunter. It is also a great addition to "Thievin Heart" for your enthusiastic racing team.$7,500.

stealin harts - 2000 apha darkbrown and chestnut-colt tobiano filly. His sire Atahi (AHSA Champion Sire) should have the same good characteristics. He' going to be an excellent bounty horse, sports bangs and training ponies. Its wonderfully placed tobacco marks are just the finishing touch!

That chic guy is a must! By" Ebony Heart" (APHA Schwarzer Hengst - fullbruder von Ebony Healt" by AHS -" A" Circuit Champion Bedazzle). From " Deerskin / Gay Homozygote Homo Deer Skin (APHA) Mare of Tobiano. It' a real theft for $20,000. Tokhin Harts - 2000 Aspa colts, 1/4 Tbyth. He' s also got a nice little pink whiteface.

He' going to be an excellent hunting or sports bangs or stallions! He' s smart enough to show on the line and has a great temper. From " Ebony Heart" (own sire of AHSA Champion Atahi) and from "Touch My Heart" (dam of the famous APHA sire K G Braveheart).

Want to win your next Western Pleasure Pony Champion? c g mirage - 1994 apha horse x horse chest and colt tobacco. Exceptional Pony Sport Pony! From " Halloween " (APHA Sorrel et blanc O euf Hengst), aus "Sugar Blues" (APHA Palmino et blanc tobacco jument - "Atahi's" Vollschwester). It should have a wonderfully fluent crotch and lovely piebald markers on your fantasy pony hunter, quarter pony, and sport pony fillies!

Its full sibling " K G Masquerade " was always at the top of the Canadian "A " sized hunting course. He' s got an even more brillant Champion Sport Ponies and "A" Race track winner. Mirage's nice Pinto-Tobiano markers are just the finishing touch! DoXie Heeart - 1996 APHA brown and knows him.

From " Closetoheart " (APHA), from " Skips Dixie " (APHA) - (click for pedigree). It is 65% darkbrown and 35% knows, with its colour nicely placed. He has a perfect centrelesse. You' ve already known a little about his father "Close to Heart" and his excellent working horse, but his mother "Skips Dixie" (multiple owner-winner and great working mare) is a separate daugther of the deceased, great Quarter Horse father "Sir Raleigh"!

"He was the father of several AQHA World Champions (in Holder and Performance), AQHA Champions, Superior Halter and Superior Performance Horses (in Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Working Hunter, Pleasure and Hunter Hail.). Do you need to give your Western filly a little more hight?

C G RAVEN HEAVEN c g raven heaven - 1995 aha jets monochrome tobaccoiano sire. From " Ebony Heart" (APHA fullbrud to the American Horse Show Association Hunter Champion, "Bedazzle") and from "Steal My Heart" (APHA homozygote Tobiano "Atahi" daughter). "Raven" is from the linebreeding "Atahi" and it shows! It has a beautiful hat with stars, stripes and cut, large deep atahi and a very sophisticated throat.

" "The Raven Heart" is clever, sporty and stylish! As a linebreeder "Atahi" he should shape his breed with the same extraordinary characteristics. He is ATAHI II - 1999 APHA Rain Jets monochrome tobacco sire. "The Atahi II " is tall, dark and beauty! Since twenty-six years the name "Atahi" was owned by only one of them!

It is 70% blackened and 30% whitened. He' a twin grandchild of "Atahi". "The Atahi II " is the most weighted, high-quality monochrome colt (Tobiano or Overo) of his olden days I have ever seen. Ebony Heart" (APHA Schwarzer Stal - excellent own sire by Atahi, AHSA Champion Sire), out of "Win My Heart" (APHA darkbrown and knows, gay, Tobiano filly - one of the best offspring by "Atahi").

I' ve been waiting 20 years to raise the descendants of "Atahi". "Well, "Atahi" has proved to be one of those structurally dominant sires. We have more ponies and ponies for sale....... In the upper right corner of your monitor, click to select the right type of rider or bangs to suit your ride or ride disciplines.

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