Western Riding Attire

Riding clothes for western riders

West German clothes from the USA. Advise riding clothes is more conservative in style with the aim of focusing on the horse. Guide for beginners: What to wear to a horse show

Walking on the track allows drivers to prove their riding abilities and help them develop their talents outside the stable. Presenting a stallion requires trust, resolve and the right clothing. Do you want to make sure you are correctly clad for the kind of show you are going to and that you comply with all the rules of the clothing codes.

Here are some useful hints for participating in a riding tournament to help you find the right clothes for you! Boot: British show: British show shoes often differ in colour and sizes. High-heeled jackets are often used by older athletes who are in intermediate class and are usually in the colour blacken.

In the beginners' courses, younger horsemen often sport bootees in the colours dark grey or darker. You may also need a necktie for riding clothes in England. Often a pied piper or a leotard matching the pants of your shirts and jackets can be used.

The Western Show: As a rule, western shoes are used for all age groups and categories in the western show ring. Western-style shoes are more eye-catching than British ones and come in many different colours and styles. Display shirts: British show: British sweatshirts are made of a bloused fabric and are often wore under a riding coat.

Usually, British showtails are available in pure red, lilac and blu. The Western Show: We have two different kinds of Western shirt, Plain and flash! Males often wore the plain, buttoned blouse when showing and the females are often seen in the eye-catching show-tights.

The glamour look is what Western is all about! These colourful, glittering show tshirts can be seen for the western sex courses as well as for the run! They are made of colourful cloth, with strass stones and paillettes in the whole tee. British jackets: Horse riding coats are only available at the British riding shows.

As a rule, these coats are available in either grey, blue or blue and also in pinstripe pattern. Each riding category has specific requirements for the riding coat designs. British show: Stretchable british riding pants with padded inner thigh and buttocks.

This jodhpurs is a prerequisite for all riding categories and is one of the characteristic garments associated with riding in England. The Western Show: In western shows denim is usually the kind of trousers used in the ring. Denims should be beautiful and neat and can often be combined with a couple of riders for the western amusementclass.

Hairs: In both Western and British riding, the hairdos should be drawn cleanly backwards and out of the face. Pigtails and rolls are often the first choice for ladies. Bread roll/knot keeps the coat smooth under the crest and presents a look of refinement and elegant. Most men have their hairdos usually kept sufficiently long to be held under the helmet/hat.

Sometimes men and females can also use a hairnet to contract their own ends. Hat: German Show: It is necessary for riding in England that you are wearing an equestrian helme. Horse riding helms protect the wearer's heads from injuries and support the demanding look of the British riding outfits.

The Western Show: In western riding, a cowboy hat is a prerequisite for all advanced classes. Riding accessories: Glove is not a prerequisite for British clothing, but it helps to grasp the rein additionally when showing. When you are wearing mittens, they should be comfy, but also look tidy and tidy.

You should also have the same colour as your boot, turn and lash. Horsewhips are an option. However, if you choose to show with a lash, make sure it has the same colour as all your equipment (boots, tack, mittens, etc.) and that it fulfils the lashing requirements for this particular show.

There may be a length of whips, which you must take into account when deciding on a show ring lash. Always make sure that you comply with all the rules of the clothing regulations when you prepare your clothes for your show!

No matter whether you are planning to show Western or English, make sure you have the right clothes and that you adhere to all clothing rules for your special riding lesson!

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