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Store Western Show & casual wear from Hobby Horse & more! Jeffers Equine's large selection of western clothing, shoes and accessories for western riding. Men's T-shirts, sweaters &


Western Show Jersey

); } else { document. review (' I was expecting a vibrant violet colour and got a subdued violet shirts. As I tried on the top, the zip came off without a hitch when I started opening it. That is so near the flawless one. And if you could offer this top in proper colours, it would be a big hit.

Outstanding show ring single-coloured tee. Lovin' this tee. I bought several plain shirts, all would contract when Washing. Not only is this top easy to wash, it's also convenient and so far it' still pretty fit to carry (I am living in AZ, so the show bands are getting really warm). Very recommendable For more colour choices, please contact us.

Buy one in any colour. Love the feeling and comforts of this tee. The only thing I wish is for them to zip down further. These shirts are cut to shape and yet still convenient. It' fabric is air-permeable and feels slightly stretchy so you can move freely while driving.

The YKK® zip on the upper half of the front of the shirts to prevent the shirts from bending. It has a longer cock, so it won't come off while riding. It has a nice fit so the look is great for show and perform riding.

I' m recommending this for your next contest or for fun! SOME GENIE INVENTIONS THIS GOWN. Zippers in the right place! THAT IS THE BEST TEE OF ALL TIME. This zip is totally flawless! If I stretched or abseiled cows, I don't have to be worried about debunking my breast.

It' a breathtaking colour.... ideal for night-racers! That' my favourite tee by far. When you discuss what new tee you should get, invest in this one. These shirts are fantastic. Concealed zip helps heal the geapping issue like no other garment I've tried.

I' m very much struck by the fitting and qualitiy of this top. With such high speed and narrow curves, it is difficult to find a garment that stretches, retracts and fits as it used to. It is an outstanding performer for every western sport.

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