Western Saddle Brands

Saddle Western Brands

An extensive list of Western saddle brands and price ranges. Anyone can recommend quality, but affordable brands of western show saddles and also work saddles. Western- saddle brands Today there are many, many saddle brands from tens of producers in manufacturing. This page contains a large selection of these brands, covering a broad spectrum of prices and handcrafts. Whilst we are often asked to give each of the different brands a kind of total brand evaluation, there are simply too many variable factors to develop an evaluation that makes sense for all brands.

However, the cost is a good indication of the qualitiy of a Western saddle. The following graphic shows a row of dollars ($) next to each marker, indicating an estimate of the margin as specified in the pricing formula. You will find that some of the bigger brands, such as Circle Y, may have a large pricing span.

This table not only provides a useful guideline for buying new seats, but is also even more useful for buying used seats. Determining whether the cost of a used saddle is a reasonable value is not always simple.

Strong western saddle brands

Do you want to know what some "good" saddle brands are...? I like Connie Combs for running shoes. Billiy Cook is a great saddle. Well, I don't like Dakota saddles myself. Circle Y tacks are my favourite and I've actually gotten really good offers for everyone I've had. I' ve never spent more than $500 on a saddle before.

I had a Billy Cook running race saddle and liked it. TextTan also makes good quality Saddles that you can find for quite a bit of money. Tuckers and Crates are also very, very beautiful but on the more costly side. The most popular well made saddle I have ever had is my Big Horn Saddle, which has to be synthetical.

My whole lifetime I had only delivered myself or inexpensive seats.... especially when I was up. So I used what I was given and didn't mind.... even 4-H showed with these inexpensive seats. After I had not been with them for over 8 years now, I needed a saddle to adapt my softness.

A used Circle Y rope saddle that I found on ebay for $500. I' m also very happy with the used Billy Cook abseil saddle that was found again on ebay for $500. They are both of outstanding workmanship, very comfy and in good condition, although both are over 20 years old.

and of course my favourite dangless Bob Marshall. It'?s difficult for me to find a saddle that matches my ass and goes into my leg just enough. District Y is one of the few who does this. They are both of outstanding workmanship, very comfy and in good condition, although both are over 20 years old.

The saddle is a Circle Y in the middle of the 70's, and I have guys who ask me when I got my brandnew saddle. This saddle will last forever! Rockin' back yoke is very well crafted, convenient and accessible. Well, they' re beautiful too, you know. Couple of them. I' m using an Eamor abseil saddle... it's probably the most comfy saddle I've ever used.

Revised to add: I have also used some Circle Y tacks and they are also quite good. I' ve got a billiy Cook that I really like. but mine was GOOD. It is also lightweight and convenient. I' ve got some cheap stuff and some cash boxes.

It'?s what I like! So do I. I adore the newborn. Both the other ones are a Circle Y (show saddle) and an Abetta (trail saddle). You know, I like them both, but I don't *love* them like my big bugles.

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