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Westernsaddle, bridles, western blankets and saddle pads. Westernsaddle: Number of Western saddles you own? Sattel & Tack Glossary +. West Saddles from Hollywood Wisconsin's biggest Tack Store!

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One fully reclinable western saddle

The Western saddle has been developped to be adapted to every sport and every horse's back. DK Saddlery's Danny Kroetch in Calgary, Alberta, has created a western saddle that can be adapted to the individual form of each individual saddle and that changes with food, work and years.

Croetch has been a master saddler for over 18 years and adjusts approx. 2,000 calipers annually. The first fully reclinable western saddle in the world. It only takes a single moment for a horseman to adapt the poles up to six inch to the horse's shoulder and shoulder.

The saddle is more stable on the back of the saddle and promotes more mobility in the shoulder. These comforts increase the horse's efficiency. They also have an adjustment boom that allows the saddle to be adjusted for a better fitting or to adjust the saddle size, as the saddle is the same on different people.

Additionally, the calipers have a fully variable pneumatic system that is integrated directly into the saddle basis. One of the advantages of the aerial system is that the horse's back can move around free, as the aerial movement of the back musculature is subtle. Saddlery DK Saddlery offer all Western saddle styles for different events.

The information was provided by DK Saddlery.

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