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And they said: We have here an old western saddle and wonder where it comes from and how old it is. WASHER & ; Custom Leather Company. This is Frecker's Western Saddles Full Tooled Frecker's Saddlery Saddle for Buck Brannaman. Bob's Custom Saddles has brought more top riders to World, Futurity and Derby Championships than any other custom saddler.

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Satdlemaking Video - Beautiful video about the arts, crafts and techniques of western saddlery from some of the best saddlers who work today. The Saddle Brand Index - A list of western saddle makes and firms with full details of how to get in touch. Tailor-made Western Saddle Makers Index - A list of tailor-made Western saddle manufacturers that provides contacts information for active Tailor Saddlers.

saddle makers' corner - Read saddlery article and FAQ' that work today. Saddlers are the artisans and artisans at the forefront of Western saddlery. For many years, most of them have learned their trade and learned it at the elbows of a saddler. To become a top saddler, it takes years of training and a good dose of skill.

Among the best-known and most successful saddleries are And there are many gifted, lesser-known saddlers who make beautiful saddle in small saddlers' workshops all over the state. Make sure you know the type of saddle, the purchase of a saddle, My Saddle Experience and Saddle Decoration. Are you interested in upholstery?

Cowboy, saddler, writer and instructor, Dusty Johnson has run one of the best-known Western saddle colleges for many years. Its Pleasant Valley saddle making academy in Loveland, Colorado, attracts college graduates from all over the globe. When you don't make it into Dusty's classroom, the next step is Dusty's Full saddle making course, which consists of the very thorough saddle making manual:

Constructio and Repair Technics, a two-hour accompanying video and full-size saddle samples. It includes benchmark notes with hints and technique to save your valuable resources and resources, and the accompanying DVDs offer a full and fully featured guide to making a high-quality western saddle with a minimal amount of tooling and cost.

Dusty's books and videos together sell 60,000 books, making them the best-selling saddlery books and videos of all time. Dusty has the new saddler in his sights, with a very reasonable rate for the whole kit of only $70. For more information, please contact Dusty at 0021 or DustyJohn@aol.com. Harwood Dale is a Western saddle myth.

Most saddlers compete against his saddle. Now, Dale shares his method and skill in a new four-hour DVDset entitled "The Art of Saddle Making". "It is a first step into the production of a calf saddle by a craftsman.

In the Tradiitonal Cowboy Art (TCA) Association Annual Exhibit on-line picture gallery you can see samples of the fine workmanship of Mr Harwood and some of these other upholsterers.

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