Western Saddle Package for Sale

Saddle Package Western for sale

Available in stock and ready to ship, this saddle is perfect for all the activities you have in mind! Purchase New & Used Western Saddles for sale on America's largest horse market. Universal Silver Fox saddle package tarpaulin flap. You will also receive reward points for every purchase you make on our website.

The saddle is ideal for any type of action!

The saddle is ideal for any type of action! Convenient fit and eye-catching tools will make this your new favourite! Buckskin and well upholstered seats with low inclination for easy assembly and disassembly. This coat has a silvery leather trimming and the classical snakes and foliage tools give the saddle a contemporary feeling.

A tight -fitting coat and cushioned woollen felt bottom provide a pleasant riding experience for you and your horses, while the well-balanced boom removes the bruises. Narrow seating position and saddle's balance make it ideal for cleaning! Supplied with headpiece, rein and chest neck and for a temporary period with a free saddlecloth!

Cantlé: Cantle: 14" Rock: 29" Rock: 29".

Purchase new and used western saddles for sale.

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Western-style saddle. From South Dakota. on the saddle. Western-style saddle. From South Dakota. on the saddle.

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