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Beautiful western saddles and horse harness at great prices. Are you looking for used Western saddles for sale? You know what to look out for in a used saddle? A short article (with photo) about the understanding of saddle suspension. Live, directly from eBay, click here to see the extensive selection of used saddles.

Amazing prices for quality saddles

You are looking for used western calipers? You have come to the right place. Selecting a used saddle can be difficult. It is a 15" Western saddle that' s prepared for the trailer or the show ring! Where do you have to look when looking for a used Western saddle?

Inspect the hide - Often negligence and insufficient maintenance will indicate used glue. Make sure that there is no decay, cleavage or tear. If the saddle comes with the RCA, the back RCA, the binding bands, etc., make sure they are in good condition.

If you want to make sure that the saddle really is the right-sized for you. If you are not buying from a serious retailer, it can be hard to know for sure without either driving in it or taking your own measurements.

Second-hand Western Saddles

If you are looking for a high-quality western saddle, a used saddle can be a good choice. Only the best saddle will last a life time with the right maintenance. Also, like luxurious automobiles, a grade saddle used can be described more accurately than previously possessed. Purchasing a used saddle may be of a higher standard than you ever thought you could get in your own category.

For more information on used seats, see below, but if you are looking for a used seat, don't hesitate to contact us. Actual campaign on the used tacks markets is up. eBay, the grandfather of the auctions site, has the largest choice of used saddle available on the web.

We' ve gone one better by presenting eBay's wide range of used saddle models in a shop created by equestrian enthusiasts for equestrian enthusiasts. You will find that it is child's play to find the saddle you are looking for by simply searching for saddle types. At last....the largest choice organised in a customer-friendly manner.

Click here to see the wide range of used seats available to you. Horsesaddle Shop also has a beautiful range of used Western Seats for sal. Pre-owned saddle markets are quite strong. Riders have many legal grounds for saddle sales - bad saddle fitting of the saddle or saddle owner, no longer taking part in the activities, exchanging for a new one, owning too many and more....

This results in a whole series of calipers that can be sold at once. The second-hand purchase is particularly recommendable for those who have a smaller budge. You can' t buy a new saddle for less than $500. There are many new seats in this class, but we think you would throw your saddle away.

However, you will find a good choice of used seats in this category. Most of them are older ones - 10, 20 or 30 years old - that have seen some mileage, but are still in good condition due to good workmanship and use. On a bigger budgets (from $750) you will find a good choice of high end used seats from customized saddle producers as well as from high-end producers like McCall.

Used Western calipers can be found on site at: But as already stated, the actual campaign is on-line. You can find a dozen of websites selling used saddle from private persons or companies. Simply type the saddle you're looking for into Google's Google searching field and you'll quickly see what's available. And of course we present all used seats for ebay sales.

As with a used vehicle, the acquisition of a used saddle demands a thorough examination before the acquisition. That' s simpler with a regional buy than with an on-line one. Usually, however, with detailled photographs and a discussion with the salesman you can get enough information to rate a saddle inline.

Both at the shop and on line, a tasting session is perfect where you can examine the saddle and verify the correct fitting for your saddle and yourself. Several vendors allow this with some limitations (sheet between saddle and saddle, a re-storage charge on return of the saddle, a very brief probationary time - 1-3 working nights, etc.) and some do not.

So what are you looking for when you inspect a used saddle? Most important is the saddle pole. For testing, place the saddle on the yoke, with your noses downwards. Firmly push on the mantle and look for a bend that indicates a fractured beam. Shattered trees are crushers.

Avoid buying a saddle with a fractured beam. When you need to buy a few parts (stirrups, stapes, saddle chains), the cost should be lower. Verify the leathers are of the best possible condition. It is a symbol for bad or used leathers.

Verify the seams-, hard- and tool-qualities. Whereas a used saddle always shows a certain amount of abrasion, the value of the saddle depends on its state. Increased abrasion reduces the cost. I would rather be riding in an old, worn saddle than in an untouched, inferior one.

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