Western Saddle Sets

Set of Western Saddles

Metallic Teal Painted Cross Double T Barrel Style Saddle Set. Saddle pad, chest collar and bridle set. Saddle pads - Tack Sets - Headpieces - Headband - Single Ear - Toggle Cheeks - Trail Bridle. Stack sets - saddle pads - headpieces. Compete for a championship run with this colourful barrel racing set!

Free shipment on I-twin saddles for free.

Handcrafted from genuine D&D leathers, and anti-corrosive fittings are used widely to avoid rusty conditions and improve the overall look of the saddle. We sell all our products with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee on the trees. They are often recommended by clients who say that these seats set a benchmark and are of a higher caliber than their regular saddle prices.

There is a large choice of style and uniqueness in the saddle range that you won't find anywhere else. This saddle is characterized by high qualitiy, singular style and affordable. Made of extremely hard-wearing leather and high-quality hard-wearing equipment, for horsemen of all age.


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Western- tack & equipment

Ageless and seasonal - a great present for every young equestrian enthusiast or new amateur! Supplied with a PALLOMINO stick horsehorse, western saddle with bridles, 8" joint tab,..... Compete for a league run with this colourful barrels race kit! Including saddle..... Use this colourful switch kit to help keep the birds away all year round!

The set contains a funny coloured handkerchief, spraybottle..... Incl. champ varity coat for riders, champ coolers, first place band, silver-plated holster and championships..... Wonderfully decorated with stamped tunics and a saddlecloth with rhombus pattern..... Darkbrown show holster with silvery etched slabs and buckle. Including leash with necklace and fastener.

Horses not including.

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