Western Saddlery Saddles

western saddles

I' ve got a Western saddle. They were able to find their website, but they do not give any information about what and how the saddles are made, etc... Every one of my custom western saddles is proudly handcrafted to meet your individual needs and requirements.


It is always the product of high attentiveness, sincere efforts, smart leadership and skilful workmanship, it is the clever selection of many options. Every one of my made-to-measure western saddles is proudly made by handmade to suit your needs and requirements. At every phase of the design, care is taken to ensure the security and well-being of horses and riders.

New Zealand's climatic and field extremes have proved to be a very suitable test site, where only the best gear can withstand horses and riders while withstanding the extremes of weather and land. If you are thinking about a nut, it is advisable to begin at the treetop.

It is the basis of your seat and only the right shape and design will guarantee you and your horses unhindered performances. Only the best leather and material is used from here, with the entire structure made of high-grade steal, copper and copper. Showing, chopping, roping, reining, working or just for fun, these saddles will meet your highest demands and withstand the test of it all.

Hi Terri, the bike has come and it is totally amazing!

Hi Terri, The bike has come and it is beautiful! yesterdays I drove with the mouse in it and WOW, what a big deal! Throughout the whole trip the seat remained lying and it had an even sweaty appearance without drying out. Usually I have 2 to 3 goals for riding, according to the distance I am riding.

She made a nice even side ball last night (and it probably has something to do with how the rider keeps me in balance and also puts me in a row)! I was never able to do that in my other seat and I would actually find myself weighting my legs.

It' such a big help to have a seat that fits all my saddles so I don't have to be worried about hurting her back. I' m dying to drive Ziggy! "Hi, Terri,

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