Western Shank Snaffle Bits

West Shank Snaffle Bits

The snaffle chisels used with a curb chain are lever chisels and exert pressure on the horse's chin and chest. But because it has thighs, and uses leverage, it is a curb bit. There is a complex variety of Western bits to perform many different tasks. Bits in the west vary from simple snaffles to bits with shafts or other correction elements. Low weight Medium Port Graved Medium Shank Western Bit.

Westerns Bits - Snaffle Bits

Bridle chisels are available with several different mouthpieces, among them single-jointed, double-jointed or mullen-shaped jaw.

Western bridle pieces from top labels such as Happy Mouth Bits, Professional's Choose or Myler Bits.

Western-style snaffle bit

Dee's Sweet Iron Offset! "5 "5" cooper distorted mouths. Beautiful Silver Western Show bridle. Western Fancy 5" Show Bits. Very sweet for the small snaffle bite. It is a top of the range equestrian equipment and one of the most commonly used bits for all types of equestrianism.

Mild on the horse's jaw. Beautiful soft piece for western or british rides. There is a new Western-Bit - Circle Ru from Reinsman for sal. S-shank - ideal for ponies who like to "lip" their teeth. "5 "5'' Smoothly structured sugary mouths. Nickel-plated engraving. Snaffle bite with stainless steel Showman with silvery jaw!

A NEW NECK!! Snaffle bite with engraved jaw! A NEW NECK! The bridle has a 5 1/2" high-grade steeel lip with cup and 7 3/4" bay steal sides with silver-coloured..... With 3 " cheek pieces and a 5 1/8" mouthpiece. Snaffle Sweet Six Western Bite.

Mouthpiece: Its effect is gentler on the sticks of the teeth and on the top of the throat, and according to the central dental tray, if the teeth are used, may be gentle on the palate. It is a three-part oral cavity with rolls of brass that move separately and have brass on the sides of the orifice.

It is a soft all-round bite for the young pony or the..... Dee ring stainless steel snaffle size: 5". The mouth is made of rolled cupric material on the mouth piece to encourage salivation. The Centaur Roller Mouth Dee Ring Snaffle Bite is a classical set of teeth with metal rolls to soothe young or jittery mounts. It is a good choice for training and competitions, and....

Sshort Lifesaver Folds in the horse's jaws and a 2 or 3 finger kerbing. These teeth are ideal for horses with a smooth jaw. 5-1/8 " CO MOUTHS, 5-1/2 " CHEEK. Gentle Cooper Wires..... 5 " sweet iron bridle W/C Inlay Bits. M Tack and Western Wear.

Bridle stainless steel 4 3/4" mouths. Bridle in stainless steel D-ring with copper inlay. Extremely well-balanced set of teeth for horses. This is one of the most popular pieces. Equestrian sized. Offsets Dee - 3/8" Twisted Dog Bone Snaffle. Bit-Offset Dee, Twisted Dog Bone Snaffle. Snaffle Wonder Bit - 5" Wonder Bit 5in stainless steel sweat metal jaw.

This chisel is made of stainless steal and the jaws are equipped with brassy cone. High-quality 1 piece stainless westerns OR English snaffle bits new, BT-0038. Manufactured in stainless steal. The Centaur Roller Mouth Snaffle Bite is a classical set of teeth with metal rolls to soothe young or jittery mounts. It is a good choice for training and competitions, and is a....

5-1/2 " mouths covered in brass. "3" stainless steel ring. It is a snaffle with a nickel silver nozzle, with diamond and slightly formed.

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