Western show Bits

Acoustic Bits

Stainless steel engraved Silver & Copper Spade Show Bit! Concho Wide Silver Circle Cut Out Cheek Vintage Sterling Silver Horse Show Bit. Sterling Silver Show Bits This is a gorgeous Broken Horn Sterling about high-grade show bits! ??

?????: Showman engraves copper & copper spades Show bits! A NEW NECK! ShownMan engraves copper & copper spades Show bits! A NEW NECK! The 7 " 7 " stainless stell spades have silvery sides and flatheads.

"5 "5" mouths with shielding.... Nice vintage western silvery over SS show bits. 5- In the shafts have cheese-flower patterns like Mike Morality and dilettantish bits selling for thousands. Pickled sterling steel with hand engraving Size: 5. Shirts show. BEAUTIFULLY STAINLESS STEEL. "7 "7" STAINLESS STEEL CHEEKS & CONCHOS.

A GREAT PLAY FOR THE PRESENTATION OF YOUR HORSES. Snaffle Show Horses w bits w Silver Graved Cheek Dog Bone Mouthpiece Horses by. "7 "7" cheek with dots. Monochromatic carbon fiber with 8.5" cheek conchos. Inox 5. 25 " mouthpiece with cupric roll and etched cupric connection with hood.

A really beautiful chisel with engraving roll, made in the USA by blacksmith and chisel and spore manufacturer Mike Edwards from Oklahoma. Made by the Kelly Star. Delicate nickel silber shovel with handmade engraving and Concho. Wooden plate and roll. The Kelly Star Geman Spade Show Bits 5".

Made by the Kelly Star. Nice Horse Size Showbits. Delicate nickel engraving and concho. Wooden plate and roll. WESTERN HIGH PORT HORSE BITS. inlays in sterling gold and 3-D blossoms on the Concho.

Is a cute carved Sterlingsilver fleming bit-1 inch wide-8 inch long jaws - the side is 1-1/4 inch. width taper down to 5/8 inch - curb belt slit shows little signs of being used. Sweeping jaws 6 1/2". Bite made of high-grade stainl. stell with silvery fittings. It is a 5" mouth piece in quadratic portstile design with brass rim.

Corrugated rolls on each side of the quadratic terminal and a rustproof roll on the top of the quadratic terminal. "6 "6" cheek with carved silvery accent. Featuring 5" low ported mouth! A NEW NECK!! Featuring 5" low ported mouth!

A NEW NECK! The 7 " 7 " engraved conchoes and string. Nice piece for the show! It' sterling nickel show bits... sterling over stainless... it' s silverplated high-grade steal... it ends with a drool stick. E. Garcia Western Silver Engraved Show Bit 5" Used E. Garcia Bit, has traces of usage.

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