Western show Tack

The Western Show Tack

Headstalls - Show chest collar. Chest collar show - dale chavez show tack - Dale Chavez Show. SOLD SADDLER I spent my whole show carreer in Blue Ribbon seats. Not only are they the most beautiful and best worked rider in the show horses equestrian sport, they are also the best one! Since the beginning of the 90s I have been saddling in a Blue Ribbon.

Because the mudguards are trimmed, I can use my feet better than in most of them.

The Blue Ribbon calipers are in a class of their own when it comes to craft skills in..... The Blue Ribbon is our preferred seat for the Western All-Around-Events. It is of excellent workmanship and art. It is our opinion that Blue Ribbon seats give our customers a real advantage at all kinds of horse riding activities.

Thanx to Vern and Rita and everyone at Blue Ribbon for their help..... Over the last 15 years I have decided to saddle and show in Blue Ribbon. They' a useful instrument in my shop, from home practice to showping. The handicraft and elegance of a Blue Ribbon is unsurpassed.

The Blue Ribbon is synonymous with elegance, long life and professionalism. Combining old handicraft with one-of-a-kind made-to-measure production and choice, we provide you with the best possible made-to-measure. The Blue Ribbon Western saddle is made in our shop in Phoenix by committed artisans and your order is processed in person by the owner.

If it' about your saddles, fences and more, you earn an additional advantage.

Austin Weaver Chest Collar - Western Show Tack

Weaver Austin Breast Collar is the ideal complement to Mary's Austin1 Ear Headstall. Handmade in the USA from dark grey "English" bridled leathers, this western breast shield is complete elegance with flame engraved high-grade fittings from Jeremiah Watt, the customs saddle maker. This ingenious, tradional look is complemented by two lines of engraved nickel-brass stains.

Display your Austin in the showcase with the striking Austin Chest Collar to go with your Austin 1-Ear Headstall.

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