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Riding helmet cover cowboy hat for Drill from RodeAppleHats. Neither is western style, but I also use them for trail riding. With the Spirit, you get maximum protection and ventilation without sacrificing style. Styling your hair the way you wear it when riding. Skip to Best Helmet for Style:

Helmet in western equitation

A few were astonished, even appalled, when Delores Toole exchanged her wrangler cap for a hardcover at Wrangler National Finals rodeos, which took place in Las Vegas from December 3 to 12. However, Toole, who was in the third round of the opening round and second in the top flight, saw an occasion to speak out.

"I' d like the drivers..... to know that it's okay to be wearing a helmet," said the Minter, Kansas, housewife and professional- rodeo rival. "Helms have become an acceptable part of other hazardous disciplines, and it's good to see them become an acceptable part of western riding and rodeos. "Troxel, the world' s largest producer of certificated riding helmets, endorsed and supported Toole as a sponsor of a Western riding promotion programme.

A grateful parental of an ambitious barrel racers commented: "As the parental of a girl who rode and wore a hardhat, I thank you more than you will ever know. I had my daughters run a few weekend in her beloved hood, but mostly she is wearing a hard coat.

Your picture on the NFR with the hat will be in my trailers' room in the morning. Thanks Delores, keep out! "Every year, about 70,000 patients are admitted to ERs for riding injury. Headache is the main cause of hospitalisation and mortality, accounting for about 20 per cent of ER admissions.

Surveys in the scientific magazines "Injury" and "Pediatrics" conclude that "a significant reduction in the number of people approved for the use of helmets is associated with increased use of safety helmets. "While the British element of riding clothes is widespread among horse riding in the United States, Western riding traditions continue to predominate, gradually favouring cowboys' hards.

However, the Western hemisphere and our rodio rivals are becoming more and more conscious of the risks of riding and the disastrous wounds that this can cause. The year 2003 saw two celebrity drivers without helmets in serious crashes that resulted in severe injury to the heads. These high-calibre cases refute the belief that injury only happens to young and unexperienced people.

Another survey in the Journal of Family Practice showed that the risks of injuries correlate with the duration of riding and work with the horse, not with the rider's ability. Riding is a relatively hazardous job in comparison to other types of sport; horsemen and women have as many motorcyclists per hours.

Dr. Rick Timms and Troxel CEO said the use of ASTM-certified headwear can significantly decrease the seriousness of driver fatalities and injury. "We' re happy to be working with Delores Toole on an organisation of the calibre and scale of the National Final Rodeo," said Timms.

"Hopefully, her attendance and passion will inspire many others to consider riding helmets as part of their horse work. "Troxel is the world's premier supplier of ASTM/SEI approved riding helmets for show, school and leisure riding. Founded in 1898, the company is known for its cutting-edge designs and pioneering role in helmet research, among them award-winning helmets for U.S. cyclists and Olympia team.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Troxel currently devotes all its riding helmets and hardware assets and has provided over two million helmets to the horse market. She was a little bit of a little woman who helped her dad with his ranch operations, and even later Delores Toole never thought she would travel the pro rodeos.

"I' d never thought I'd join NFR until a few years ago," she said, referencing the Wrangler National Finals, the first sporting tournament. "But after realising that Paa Rocket, her 12-year-old Gelding, was extraordinarily skilled at Brel rel racer - Toole's events and the major rival to women rodeos - she came to a turning point and never returned.

"So it was like I had to make a decision," said Toole, 47. Toole now keeps his party with the top girls. The last episode, which ended in December, saw her finish fifth in barrels of motorsport, finishing thirteenth among global rodeos with a $78,398 win in 2004.

" Nevertheless, the race is tough and despite the comradeship among the participants, Toole is aware that nothing can be taken for granted especially in a discipline in which the horse is so important. It'?s difficult to get a good horse. "Toole's origins in rodeos date back to her adolescence when she helped her dad with his ranch outside of Manter in Stanton County, in southwestern Kansas.

Later she participated in children and youth activities supported by the National Little Britches Rodeo Association. When she was an imbecile, Toole was away for two or three consecutive nights as she travelled to drum racing across the plateaus and the Midwest. She is often on the move as a professional - somewhere between the Mississippi and the Pacific - sometimes for up to 30 whole orchestras.

In spite of her fifth place in Vegas, Toole complains what could have been. The barrels racer maneuvers their horse around the track, with the faster gaining the most. Both Toole and Paa Rocket tore off an opening run of 14.2 seconds, the second best of the run. "We' ve done well," Toole said. "She said, "Depending on how much you want (compete) and whether your horse remains well.

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