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NOTE: We only send catalogues to the USA. Bingo's D & S Saddle Shop | Western and Anglo-Saxony Horses Bingo D&S saddleshop was founded in 1929 as a small tableware store in the city center of Colorado Springs. The company has since developed into a first-class saddlery company through the commitment and attention of its former and present owner. Being the oldest saddlery in the Pike's Peak region, we are committed to providing the best possible aftersales services - "if we don't have it, we will do our best to get it"!

We are passionate about horses and we try to wear the best complements, turns, calipers and clothing to suit the many different equitation sports. This small and flourishing company is backed by our faithful clients. With the changing nature and discipline of equitation, we will remain flexible and growing to include all kinds of equestrians - Westerners, English, Eventers, Hunters, Show Jumpers, Trail and Cowboys, Cowgirls, Ranch Hands and all other kinds of equestrians not listed above.

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Collections of more than 200 saddles and tack catalogues from the late 1880s to the mid-1980s. There are also tack and saddle-related ephemeras such as pricelists, order form, corporate covers and promotional items. Producers of the range are Edward H. Bohlin, Fred Mueller Saddle Co., George Lawrence Co., Hamley & Co., Hermann H. Heiser Saddlery, N. Porter Saddle Co., S. D. Myres Saddle Co. and Visalia Stock Saddle Co. group.

There are also a small number of photos in the museum's collections, among them a photo of a wardrobe photo from around 1887 and a pricelist from Walker & Wade. A saddlery catalog reader and trader, Ron Bledsoe is based in Danville, California. There are two collections, Trade Catalogs and Exphemera and Fotographs.

Represents the largest part of the compilation. More than 200 catalogs and more than 75 brands, among them Edward H. Bohlin, Fred Mueller Saddle and Harness Co., George Lawrence Co., Hamley & Co., Hermann H. Heiser Saddlery, N. Porter Saddle and Harness Co., S. D. Myres Saddle Co. and Visalia Stock Saddle Co. are part of the family.

Most of the catalogues are from the 1920s to 40s, but include more than 30 catalogues from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and more than 50 catalogues from the 50s to the 80s. Our collections document all facets of equestrian transport, as well as saddle, bit, spur, bridle, harness, whip, cowboys hat, chap, clothes, boots, tooling and other related metals and leathers.

These catalogues contain everything from very costly and costly paradesaders to equipment for the working cowherder. A lot of catalogs contain information on prices that allows you to compare prices of similar items over the years. In addition, the collections document changes in transport engineering, since the early catalogues, in which mainly crockery and other car and waggon equipment can be found, are being replaced by catalogues that place more value on calipers, fences, bits as well as pores for the cowboys and recreational market.

Though there are many well-known producers and dealers, the range is not a complete coverage of the area. There are many producers with only one catalogue. Significant producers and retailers in the line are George Lawrence Co, Hamley & Co, Hermann H. Heiser Saddlery, N. Porter Saddle and Harness Co and Visalia Stock saddle Co.

There is a photo of a wardrobe photo from the 1880s showing three different Walker & Wade saddles on an advertising item with a detailed price information on the back of the map. Bohlin, Edward H. Hamley, J. J. Heiser, Hermann H. Myres, S. D. Porter, N. Walker, D. E. Corporate Names: Voss Saddlery Co.

Furstnow Saddlery Co. DaVi Saddlery Co. The Luxe Saddlery Co. Saddle & Harness Co. The Saddlery Garcia Co. Góetz Saddlery Co H.R Miller Saddle Co Hamley & Co. That was John Clark Saddlery Co. upholstery and finding Co. The Midway Harness Co. The Miles City Saddlery Co. N. Porter Saddle & Harness Co.

RaI hIles Saddle Co. S. C. Gallup Saddlery Co. H.S.H. Myre's Saddle Co. Scheffer & Rossum Co. Storme's Saddle Co. Viktor Ario Saddlery Co. Shelf Saddle Co. Western Saddle Manufacturing Co. It was acquired by Mr. Bledsoe in 1997. It was compiled by Charles Rand in 1997 and edited by Jonathan Nelson in 2004.

Ron Bledsoe Trade Catalog and Ephemera Collection ist Eigentum des Donald C. & Elizabeth M. Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum owns literature, intellectual and industrial rights, except for works of art protected by copyrights and works of literature licensed and distributed and owned by their owners.

Researchers and their publishers are responsible for obtaining publication permissions from depicted persons, applicable copyrights and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. It is open for research. Bledsoe Trade Catalog & Ephemera Collections, Box ##, Folders ##, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Saddlery and Ephemera catalogues and catalog: Saddlery and Cubboy Gear: More than 375 originals and reproductions from more than 100 manufacturers and dealers of saddles and cowboys from the USA, Canada and Mexico. Upholstery & Cowboys equipment: Catalogues & Ephemera: From the saddlery and cowboys catalogues and ephemera collections, this is just a few of the articles in this online exhibition.

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