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SSTT has the largest selection of western tacks for horses. Here you will find everything you need for your western lifestyle. western-style tack This mouthpiece is a correction fitting with 5 inch diameter cup. Ramrod Double Weave is 32" x 64". Iconoclast XL No-Turnbellboots.

It has a stabilising rod that fits smoothly against the toe cap and avoids twisting. Designed with high performance Iconoclast technology and workmanship to give your horses over reach and shelter.

Weigh, stabilise, raise and assist the posterior lower thigh using Iconoclasts Orthopedic Sport Boots. These boots offer an incomparable side hold thanks to the patent dual leash. These boots evenly supports all hanging twigs. These boots reduce articular restrictions and interferences while offering 360 degree non-restrictive, balance fit.

It' conceived to adapt to the back limbs and to prevent them from damaging your tissues. Rear sports orthopaedic shoes from Iconoclast. Dual belts are patent protected and offer an incomparable 360 degrees of side hold. An even layer of ground is applied to the whole hanging area over all twigs. It is a non-restrictive back ankle bootee that provides protection and stability to the lower thigh, which includes the hanging and sesamoid areas.

Iconoclast XL is designed for the orthopaedic sports boots of 11 inch to 12 inch for dorsal restraints. These boots provide the horse with a balance of lower extremity tissues. Incomparably equilibrated lower thigh and sesame area. Iconoclast' orthopaedic sports shoe is not restrictive.

Provides 360 degree assistance, lifting and holding the tender tissues, sinews, ligaments as well as hinges. An evenly spread backup is supplied to all twigs of the hanging area. This XXL Iconoclast Orthopedic Sport Boot is for dorsal restraints from 12 to 13-inch.

Iconoclast' Orthopaedic Sports Boots is a non-restrictive device that allows full movement when weighing and sustaining the lower extremity tissues. The orthopaedic sports shoe provides 360 degrees of stability and comfort for the hanging and mesosamoidal areas. Evenly spreads evenly over the hanging twigs.

Dual slings offer incomparable side hold. These boots are designed to hold and defend the front lower thighs. Iconoclast' Orthopedic Sport Shoe supports the whole front lower front extremity. It is a non-restrictive appliance that raises and raises the lower extremity, which includes the lower extremity, the cuff and the suspensionstring.

These boots give your stallion 360 degree hold without restriction of motion. It is designed to provide a balance of power across all hanging twigs. Unique side hold due to the patent-registered two-belts. Orthopaedic sports boots XL are for 11 to 12 inch cuffs.

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