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Riding saddles Western Trail

The Western saddles are a symbol of the American border. Made-to-measure saddles, Western Trail saddles, Light trail saddles, Endurance saddles or English saddles. Now ListingUsed Abetta / Action Saddlery Western Saddle Leather/Nylon US manufactured. Westernsattel Wintec Round Skirt.

Made-to-measure Western Trail Saddle | Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles

Refer to Seat Option. Refer to Seat Option. Refer to Seat Option. Boundary stamp: Refer to Seat Option. First go to our saddlery adjustment page to start the adjustment procedure. We work with you to make sure that your rider suits you and your horses. When your shape is set, fill out our order sheet to create a truly individual and unique seat you will like.

All colours and edge stamps available! Waxwear saddlebags and Trail Gear!

western saddles

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Treeless, versatile and enduring trail saddles

Specializing in tree free saddles, we also provide classic tree saddles - ideal for the trail! We have what you and your horses need for long-distance, trail and stamina work, work in the arenas, competition and of course - just riding and having time! Favourite trailer makes are Freeform, Barefoot Treeless Leather and Synthetic Saddles, Startrekk, DP Saddlery, Black Forest and even Australian Stock Saddles from Down Under Saddle Supply.

The Crest Ridge Trail Saddles

Test your horses and buy a suitable seat! Every style is available in the versions Lite, Ultra-Lite and Leder. The saddles of our horses have been influenced by working saddles from the'old West', which we have adapted to take full benefit of our many years of riding expertise and the latest technologies.

The torch tree's shoulders are freely movable and the riders are in the well-proven, well-rounded central part. The saddles provide a wide range of rigid mounting possibilities to help avoid seizure and improve seat strength. Supra-Cor upholstered gel-like seat covers are included as well.

Only Wicket and Craig #1 leathers are used, except clubs. Sliding rails are fitted as series on all our saddles to avoid that the freely movable mudguards get caught on the RCA band. The saddles for gait and mule are Crusades, Ovation, Guards, Sinclair and Wade. If for any unsubstantiated reasons you are not happy, you can give the seat back within seven working day for a replacement or reimbursement (click here for details).

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