What Foods can Horses Eat

Which foods can horses eat?

Equines are adapted to a diet based mainly on feed. Many horses like and can eat peppermint, apples, carrots and other fruits. They can also prepare delicacies from oat flakes, carrots and molasses bought in the shop. They are herbivores, i.e.

they are physiologically and anatomically shaped to eat plants and grasses. A lot of horse and pony owners like to add fruit and vegetables as a change to their horse's diet and encourage poor feeders to eat their food.

Preparing fruit and vegetable for horses: Step 13

Fruits and veg can be eaten by horses incorrectly or too quickly. If you know the right way to crush them, you can avoid suffocation or delay a fast eating equine. The banana is not so difficult, just trim the end if you like, because horses can eat the shells.

Kantaloupe and watermelons are more tricky, you have to halve them, take off the required amount, take off the peel if you want, but horses will like to eat the peel. Horse can't eat the shell. Pineapple should be peeled and the kernel and hide should be taken away. Then it is chopped into circles, turned into quarter and processed into small chunks.

Orange peel should be taken off, then halved, then halved, then halved to get eighth. Maize should be chopped from the rind and then eaten by the horses. Don't eat too much. The pumpkin should have a hollow in the top side carved, the meat should be extracted, pips should be taken off, the horses should be given 3 centimetre pieces.

Cut kale and lettuce into stripes that separate when mixed. Pumpkin, turnip and Sweden are vegetable that should be cut into 3 cm long stripes, and on the opposite side to make 3 cm big pieces. Do horses eat Himbeeren?

Yeah, well, a raspberry wouldn't harm a horsestick. Do horses eat peel oranges? Do horses eat yams? Yeah, yams are good for horses. They can' eat a grape, can they? You can eat a grape, believe it or not! Though you do not want to give a horses anything like coffeine, candy, cannabis, onion, tomato, fruitseed and pit, pet foods, cats and dogs, potatos or houseplants.

Could horses have grainfruit? Yeah, it's one of the safest foods horses can eat. Do horses eat kiwifruit dishes? Yeah, kiwi's good for horses, so the shells are good. She loves oranges, but my horses don't like them, how often can I drop them off here?

Could horses have avocados? No, don't try to treat a pony with an Avocado. Do horses know how to eat Kantalupe? Do horses eat scrambled egg? Don't give your horses food with Kra without contacting a veterinarian because it belongs to the Spinach familiy and contains certain toxic substances that could be detrimental to your horses.

What about turnips and yams and how to make them? Place some fruits or vegetable in the fodder of your horses to increase the diversity. Don't give too much to him. If your equine animal is hypersensitive to this treatment, test small quantities first. Trim the fodder so that it meets the needs of your horses.

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