What Horse should I get

Which horse shall I have?

You are interested in buying or leasing a horse? Do this quiz and find out! I' d like to have a popular horse breed (usually they have annual exhibitions only for this breed). I' m getting on my horse, but most of the time I ride in the fall. Nothing is more beautiful than a horse and nothing more beautiful than finding the right mount for you.

Which horse is the best for you?

You are interested in the purchase/lease of a horse? Do you just want to know which horse is right for you? Number one: How long have you been ridin'? Q 2: When you are horse back rider, what kind of rides do you do? I' d rather go than go on a horse. Q3: Which sizes do you like?

Q4:Would you be interested in an exhibition? Maybe, subject to my rideability and my horse. Q5: Do you want a favourite horse race or a less common one? I' d like to have a favourite horse race so that I can communicate with other humans of the same race. I' m not interested as long as the horse is right for me!

I' m looking for a horse of a seldom race, which makes it more special. Q6: Would you like to take a horse with you on a trail? It doesn't make any difference. Q7: Do you want a horse that is good with kids? No. This horse would not interfere with kids. It doesn't make any difference. Q 8:What kind of character do you like about a horse?

Q 9: How much do you intend to train your horse? Q10: Is the appearance of a horse important to you? Yeah, I want a good-looking horse I can show you. But somehow it's all about my character. Yes, I want a horse that looks good to others. No. I don't mind the look.

Which breed of horse will you own?

It is a trivia game to see what kind of horses you will own. A B C D Two. What's the best thing a horse can do? AD3: Which do you think is the most comfy? What would your horse do if he saw a poly bags fly in the breeze?

Do you pick up and wash horse's hoof? I can only keep small hoofs for the period of my life to purify them. 6. Which is your least popular race? Which race do you like best?

Which is an exeption your horse must be scared of? You even like a horse?

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