What is a Hore

Which is a Hore?

Go get a hug cup for your buddy Georges. " dirt, dirt, " also Hor; from Old English Horh " slime ", " Horu " dirt, " from Proto-Germanic *horwo- (compare Old Frisian whore, Old High German horse, Old Nordic Horr.), perhaps imitating. The Colonel Hores gallant Australians and Rhodesians had just been exonerated.

A whore is a prostitute in the original sense: someone who has sex for money. Since then the word has expanded and means anyone who is hungry for money.


"Dreck, Dreck," also horse; from Old English horse "Schleim", horse "Dreck," from Proto-Germanic *horwo- (compare Old Frisian whore, Old High-Permanic horse, Old Nordic horse), perhaps imitating. The Colonel Hores galant Australians and Rhodesians had just been exonerated. You were already in the fortress that Colonel Hore and his crew were holding!

All of the surgeries from this side were performed by Colonel Hore. Journal, with the most interesting note by Mr. Hore of Wexford. Fearing a cunning, we murmured to Colonel Hore as he approached the commander to be wary.


someone who has promo sex for cash; prostitutes. Denigrating and insulting. A sexual protagonist. A self-sacrificing individual who uses his or her own principle, or uses someone or something in a wicked or degrading way, mostly for money: a voracious advertising hooker... Vicious (no item used), fornicated, fornicated, fornicated... to act as a hooker.

in order to associate with prostitutes. in order to search for something that is vile or unworthy: those who practise idol worship and prostitute for other deities. in order to put it on a basis or to use it unworthily (sometimes followed from the outside): he hurt his abilities by typing for pop magazine.

It'?s just an amorphous, dirty, debauched bitch. Contract what is: Did she get this romance for San Stefano, this romance for the impoverished? Afterwards the lady says that he "spoke of the harlot Babylon". "Are you that pathetic, sorry, poor, impoverished son of a bitch, Jourdain?

and a weird girl is a tight well. Next, a faded, very meticulous and lavish sketch of the hooker of Babylon, as Blake envisioned it, demands our next consideration. n. Old English hore "prostitute, harlot", from the proto-Germanic *khoraz (fem. *khoron-) "one who desires" (cf. Old Norse hore "ehebrecheress", dänische Hore, schwedisches Hore, niederländisches Hoer, Old High German horora "whore"; in Gothic only in mascot, only in mascot.

PIE *qar-, a basis that has spawned words in other tongues for "lovers" (cf. Latino word carp "dear;" Altirian word carp "friend;" Old Peruvian cama "desire;" Sanskrit cama, name of the Hindu gods of charity, camah "love, desire", the first item in cama sutra).

Harlot herself is perhaps a Teutonic euphemism for a term that has not outlived. A few words of equal value in other tongues also come from non derogatory original source, e.g. perhaps Old French turkey, perhaps literal "girl", female from Vulgar Latina *puttus (but perhaps more from Roman poontang; see poontang).

The Welsh Putainian "whore" is from French, probably via Middle English. "Among other things, the Grecian porn "prostitute" is related to word selling which means "selling" porn, with an initial term, probably from a slaves woman who is selling for sex; the Roman word merchetrix is quite literally a " one who deserves wages" (source of Indian myth, Old English mythestre "whore, prostitute").

have been scum, literal "skin, fur." "Another concept was leupa, literal "she-wolf" (preserved in Spanisch leoba, leupa italien, french leouve; see wolf). And, of course, there were prostitutes, literaly "prefixed", i.e. "publicly exposed", from the past female participation of prostitution (see Prostitutes). A further Old Norse concept was given by Skækja, the Dansk skige, which probably resulted from Central Low Germen shoke, which perhaps consisted of shode "foreskin of a horsepenis ", perhaps with the meaning for "skin" (cf. Latino scortum) or perhaps via an intermediate meaning for "vagina".

" Spaniard camera, Portugese camera are of female shape of romero "young raptor ", literal "small twig ", of romero "twig ". The Old Church slavic lyubodejica is from lyuby deijati "fornicate", a combination of lyuby "love" + deijati "put, perform. Others are from the same period. "The " prostitute " of the Blade of Russia comes from the Old Church Slavic Bladeinica, from the " lechery " of the Bluedu.

" Lithuanian girl www. polish.ch is literaly "disordered woman". "Another word, Puccali, literally means "someone who chases after people." "The word yeshika is literal "woman", but only of wicked beings; another word is kinairi, of derogatory prefix ku- + unairi "woman". Harlot of Babylon is from Rev. xvii:1, 5, etc. v. "to deal with harlots", 1580s, from harlot (n.).

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