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Horseriding? What is horse jumping?

Jumping is recognised at the highest level as one of the three Olympic riding disciplines alongside dressage and eventing. What pole vault, high jump and hurdles are is basically equestrian sport. Jumping is one of the most exciting equestrian sports of all, with levels designed for beginners to the pros. The jumping developed after fences were erected in the English countryside, which led to the fact that fox hunters needed horses that could jump.


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The jumping is one of the most famous and perhaps most famous riding competitions besides the horse race, both in Germany and abroad. Jumping is recognised at the highest stage as one of the three Olympics riding sports alongside training and eventing. What stick vault, high vault and obstacles are is basically horse riding.

This jumping course will test the athletics, mobility and mobility of a horse while at the same time checking the rider's sense of direction, correctness and dexterity. The most important thing is perhaps that jumping puts the relationship between horse and horseman to the test. Competition jumping has been very popular since the early 1900s around the world, and the sport is still growing. Today, in the show ring, young and old show jumping horse of all ages and races take part in show jumping competitions of different degrees of difficulty.

There are also courses for almost all riding grades, from beginners to experienced professionals. U.S. Equestrian offers a wide range of programs for show jumpers of all performance categories. For more information about these programs, please read the following information.

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It' s just one member of a whole range of horse shows such as horse shows, horse shows, hunting and horse back rides. That' s why we have chosen to inform you about the story of show jumping and at the same time to give you a series of great beginners' tipps for the game. The show jumping discipline was founded in Paris in 1866, when the first show jumping competition began and it wasn't until 15 years later that it found its way to England.

Horse jumping became more and more common in the 1900s, when jumping was accepted into more important tournaments. The Italians, Captain Caprilli, developed a way of jumping naturally by observing the horse. Caprilli's teaching was thorough and radical in the jumping community and still dominates the class.

The Grand Prix jumping also has its origins in France and was launched at the 1912 Olympic Games. England was in 1907 when the first international horse show was founded. Astonishingly, the first Grand Prix was not held until 1965 in the USA.

It' an enormous exercise for horse and horseman, both of whom must have an equilibrium aptitude. Horse and riders cannot see the other side of the walls, the barriers are high, wide or sometimes slender. Horse must have very strong musculature in hind legs to give the necessary feather and a long, wide step.

When a horse has to jump over six feet to reach the ground, the horse's feet must be healthy and the hoofs must be cared for well. It is important to find the right horse for show jumping. The horse must have a competitive mind that prepares it for a jumping competition and is capable of judging barriers well.

Horse's nervous system must be made of steal and its reaction time. Do not try to jump too fast, even if you are desperately trying to explore the possibilities of jumping. Although the horse is a fertile knight, he will still need your direction, so take things slowly and begin with small doodles.

Move towards the leap at your own tempo - keep in mind that early jumping is not everything. So since you have it, the story of jumping and some great advice for newbies. It' always good to share your knowledge with other horse enthusiasts.

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