What to get someone who Loves Horses

Who loves horses?

If the best gift is something the recipient appreciates, that's your job: ask her what she wants. Queen E. loves horses.

Overview of CWHF Horse Sponsoring

Do you want to make an important contribution to the protection and preservation of the Currituck Outer Banks game horses? The CWHF provides an interesting, individual programme to support the CWHF missions. Donors are provided with a beautiful 8. 5×11 imitation leather gift box, including a colour photograph of the sponsor horses, an offical godparenthood and information about the horses lives.

Furthermore, donors get information about their horses and the effort and activity of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Sponsoring is a symbol, which means that sponsoring bucks go towards all horses and the CWHF missions. Equestrian sponsoring is a type of CWHF affiliation and can be extended yearly. Typically a godparenthood is a $50 gift, but you can also make more if you wish.

As well as the single name, you can also issue certifications in a company, organisation or private household, e.g. "The Hansens" or "Corolla YMCA", etc. You know anyone who loves horses? Simply tell us to whom we should mail the adoption documentation and in whose name the document should be issued.

Present-sponsoring is a good way to bring someone into contact with the charities and the Outer Banks' game horses. You can print out the sponsors by email form and send it to your sponsoring inquiry. Both, normal and donated godparenthoods can be made by post. With only $24 you can sponsoring Hay For A-Day, helping to help the horses under the auspices of the fund.

Saved horses available for sponsorship: The horses with life-threatening wounds or diseases are taken out of the wilderness for vet care and rehab. The horses will not be taken back to the wilderness once they have been taken away. The Corolla Wilder Horse Fund is responsible for them. Horses saved are reinstated, ennobled and educated. These are made available through the Corolla Wilderness Fund's adoptions programme.

Saving Noel. He was saved after he was beached in one of the canals in the Corova area. From the wilderness, she was taken by the Clean Water Foundation (CWHF) to nursing and rehab. Armadeo - Saved stud. After a battle with a competing colt, one of his eyes, Amedeo, who was blindfolded in one of the eyes, was losing his eyesight.

has teamed up with Corolla Ocean Rescue to get him back ashore. felix-- saved colt. buster-- saved colt. Returning to the work of the CCWHF, he continued his studies and was an important part of our off-site educational work. R oamer - Saved Stud. A 13-year-old colt, Roamer stubbornly floated around the southern perimeter and ran the risk of being hit by a motor.

One year after his rescue, he is now accustomed to his new position as Ambassador Pferd. Imitation leather sponsoring folder with gold-embossed CWHF-emblem. A deluxe artificial leather presentation folder with 8. 5 x 11 x 5? Photos of the sponsor horses and CWHF sponsoring deed.

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