Where to buy Breyer Horses

How can I buy Breyer horses?

You can also find a limited and/or seasonal selection of Breyer at Dover Saddlery, Greenhawk, TSC, Toys R Us and other fine retailers near you! Clasic Breyer Spring Creek stable (Breyer Classics horses). Guide to the purchase and sale of Breyer model horses. Cheque Val's Custom Etchies, new models are for sale. It is important for all horse model collectors to buy Big Dee's selection of Breyer Model Horses.

Purchase and sale of your horse models

There are several reasons why the value of a modeled equine animal should depend on its state, rareness and the popularity of its shape and/or mode. Estimated value for your designs can be obtained from on-line eBay auction ing (especially from closed eBay auctions), as well as Felicia Browell's Breyer Animal Collector's Guide, Fifth Edition (updated as Breyer Animal Quick Reference), and The Model Trading Post Insurance Guide 2017.

See How Much Is My Breyer Mock Up Horse Worth? From Triple Mountain Mock Up Horses. State:: Prizes that you will see in the pricing guide apply to good looking styles, with some smaller eartip, tail and/or foot abrasion and/or manufacturing issues such as spray over spray or blurry marks.

When your style has many scrapes, a crack or any kind of fracture, it has a much lower value. While a very uncommon style can still cost a fortune in bad shape (see below), popular "played" styles just don't have much value, even if they're twenty or more years old.

After many years of availability of a particular piece (e.g. the Bavarian Walking Mare and the Arabians Palace Family), its value will be much lower than that of a piece exhibited for only one or two years. D├ęcorator, Woodgrain and Just About Horses' Connaisseur Models are just a few small -scale designs that keep their value over the years.

Usually, if a pattern was supplied with a hanging label, certificates of origin, band, blanket etc., it is usually more valuable if these items are in it. However, unlike other hobbyists, most collector of modelling horses prefers their creations from the genuine package so that prospective purchasers can see any concealed defects or pit wear.

A few collector will attach importance to the use of the genuine packaging and the collector's guide, if available, for very old items and for those that are part of a present kit, such as Breyer's Holiday Horses. Possibly you already have a distributor near you (check your stickiness and toys shops together with the chain retailers mentioned under Special Run Distributors) for new and recently phased out Breyer style horses.

Classical and Stablemate styles are widespread in chain retailers, while traditionally styled styles are more prevalent in West fashion and tackle shops. Below you will find a wide range of online resources that sell Breyer Modellpferde, and you can also find some good offers on Amazon.com, along with free delivery.

Although you may not be able to see the phone in your own home before you buy it, even taking into account the postage costs, you may find that you are getting a better offer on the web. When you are just back in the hobbies after a long period of going away, it is quite simple to be overcome by the vast amount of available styles; there are tons of obsolete styles for purchase, and more than a hundred more are published every year.

They should also try to be patience even if you find a models for sale that you just need to have. Except if your style is extremly seldom, there are definitely others out there, just like it, so take your moment to determine if its shape and pricing are right for you before committing to a deal.

A lot of folks, when they find out that the horses they gathered as a kid are today regarded as precious, choose to resell their work. You have many ways to resell them, but first go back and see my section on the value of mock horses. One of the greatest problems most children have is that their toys were toyed with (wheezing) and now have many scrapes, crisps and even fractures.

You can remove dirty and chafe spots - see my Horse Vet Care page. Collectibles are very personal and you need to be able to describe the flaws of your design precisely - "good shape for its age" will just not be enough if you want to get a reasonable prize. As soon as you know what state your styles are in, you need to determine what you have.

Whilst it is possible to simply take pictures of your collections and place the ticket on a website like eBay, you will get a much better prize if you can describe exactly what you have and what conditions each item is in and even better if you are selling it separately. Except for very few cases every known Breyer style is described on these pages and the page is designed so that even a beginner can see what he/she has.

As you try to personally identity your own style, you will find out more about what you have and may even choose to go back to this beautiful pastime! Please note that I will not be identifying your whole library for you (and will not be giving estimates), so please do not ask. Once you know what you have and in what state they are, you are prepared to offer your styles for purchase.

This is the most common way to do this is through the on-line auctions. Keep as close to the state of the models as possible and make sure you make photographs of more than one view of the models available. Photographs must be clear enough to show the state of the models and large enough to reveal detail.

They can also use sale listings or other ways to resell your designs, and I have some of these ressources below. So if you do not want to yourselves or if you want to yourselves dispose of your products in a batch, I suggest to contact a retailer who works in commission. As soon as your style is sold, be prepared to package and dispatch it well once you have got the pay.

Humans know each other within their hobbies and the best way to get your hands on your next product is to earn a good name as an honest salesman. Authorised resellers may have what you are looking for when purchasing new and recently phased out products. Some few traders also buy and sale older ("vintage") horses.

Several of the retailer chains where I found Breyers are among others tackle shop, Target, Walmart and Toy's R Us. From now on Breyer is selling model cars on-line at catalogue prices. Since " Delia " in October 2008 Breyer also sold Web Special styles from his website, which are nowhere else available. Breyer often publishes designs that are only available through a specific branch or distribution organisation, most of which are mentioned here.

eBay - Thousands of Breyer deals and high volume sales make this site very attractive, but the charges can be high. Modelling Horse $ales Pages - MH$P provides text and picture advertisements at little or no charge. Harness Haynet Exchange - The most actively used e-mail lists for the purchase, sale and trade of Haynet horses.

Horse Blab Model - Blab has free Basic Diskussionsforen. A section exists for publishing items for purchase that are intended to be available to members who have already subscribed. Today, social media types are often distributed through groups of users on websites such as Facebook and Instagram. This free on-line classification is a great way to buy and buy local without the problems and dangers of mailing.

Meticulous hunts can make some surprising deals, but be wary of how much you are paying, especially in antiques stores; in my personal opinion, many styles are heavily exorbitant. These contests almost always have "for sale" desks. It is probably the best way to buy if you want to be completely sure that a replica is in good working order and is a great way to yours without the expense of mail-order.

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