Where to buy Horse Feed in Bulk

You can buy horse feed in large quantities

We are therefore proud to offer a wide range of cattle, horse and deer feed in large quantities. Discharge of bulk material and bag mineral are also available. At the Bartlett and Edna sites we also sell bulk feed. It includes horse feed, pig feed, sheep feed and goat feed.


A Nutrena® retailer, Farmers Grain provides a full range of feed and nutritional supplement products for optimal animal, horse, pet and more. Discharge of bulk material and sack minerals are also available. Farmers Grain's feed specialists can work with growers to develop a full supplement programme.

Enid's food and yard needs shop has everything for the pet owners, hunters or enthusiastic gardeners. Willow Country Stores offers a wide range of lawns, gardening, game and pet food, showpieces, and domestic use.

Moustache Co

Sack fodder is sold at our 5 sites in SE Kansas. At the Bartlett and Edna sites we also supply bulk feed. Our own line of Brown Bag animal feed, including livestock feed, complete feed and pig feed, is produced. Opti-Key? is produced at our Bartlett site and comprises horse feed, pig feed, ewe feed and kid feed.

The bathtub range comprises the Feed in a Drum trademarks ? and Stockade? In addition, we also carry out bag and bulk material mixtures, incl. pelletized feed. Texturized and fluid feed is supplied through SE Kansas-NE Oklahoma. We offer minerals under the following brands: Purina?, Land O' Lakes? and Tri-State?.

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Andersons has been providing oat to cattle breeders, feed grinders and large multinational corporations in the United States, Canada and Mexico for over 50 years. We have a committed oat crew to ensure that you receive a constant, reliable source of top grade oat whenever and wherever you need it.

The Turf Club feeds many of the best racehorses in the game. All our top-notch racing horse otters are of the highest qualities, very hard, triply clean, clip-on, glued and slightly lubricated. They' re available in bulk and 50 pound bags. As a reliable provider of high grade, post-cleaned oat, we are available in both bulk and 50 pound pouches.

After-cleaning, our oat is very light, twice clean and slightly oil. Our speciality is to deliver your oat reliably and cost-effectively by train and lorry. We invest and partner in trucks and rolling stock, giving us the edge to offer the most trusted and cost-effective services in our markets.

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