Where to buy off the Track Thoroughbreds

How can I buy thoroughbreds outside the race track?

Buying a thoroughbred off-piste horse with the help of Bits & Bytes Farm. Continuous spin-off of the track | Bits & Bytes Farm When you are an advanced horseman with a small purse, you have found the perfect resource for large thoroughbreds sold at affordable rates. Prospect stallions are still in the running or on the owner's yard. As a rule, these ponies have no other education than running school.

When you don't feel good about shopping for a saddle like this, take a look at our Bits & Byte Farmorses. When you' re not sure if you can buy a direct from the track, check out our OTTB Success Stories and see what it really is like to buy a direct from the track. We' ve been selling ponies to kids and older ladies.

It'?s about putting the stallion in the buyer's hands. When you are afraid or need a coach to keep your hands, these ponies are not for you. When you have trust and perseverance, you will have no trouble changing one of our promisingorses. Please check the information published on this website and select a suitable one.

Use the search field to find a suitable product for your needs. "and find those saddle shoes that are chestnuts." Please call to see if the stallion is still available. They are not considered for sale until they are actually for sale. There may be a security bond on a horse and it is not available.

Possibly we have also other ponies, which are not yet enumerated, about which you can inform yourself. Should you require further information on thoroughbreds and our procedure, we would be pleased to speak to you. We' re not gonna persuade you to buy a damn steed. Once we have decided that you are a good partner for one of the stallions and the stallions is within your budgetary range, the next stage is to pay the full costs of the stallions into Bits & Bytes Farm's cashcount.

She has found her new stallion on our track page on our prospects page. 100% of your funds are eligible for a refund, for whatever reasons, until you complete the purchase and send it to us by facsimile. They will also be brought into communication with our track manager and the owner/trainer of the team. Finish your schoolwork and see if this is the right one for you.

When you like the vet's results, ask for a certificate of sale. When you are not happy with the veterinarian's results, you can ask for your bond to be refunded or transferred to another animal and the procedure starts all over again. If you do not decide to buy the future stallion, 100% of your payment will be refunded.

Please ask for the sales contract. Purchasing documents are very important documents. It' your pledge to help us encourage the Thoroughbred Ex racehorse as a sports performance animal by supplying us with Success Stories up-dates. This is also our pledge to help you in the near term to find a home for this animal should it become necessary to resell it.

We' ll put your stallion on our website and help you promote it - for free! When you keep your promises to keep up with the success stories, it should be simple to find a home for your own equine family. OTTB's owners/trainers, for whom we provide our clients with our own equestrian equipment, are following our OTTB success stories and want to know what happend to their animals.

Unless you keep in contact, we cannot help you if you have a problem, and it will be more difficult to help you selling the product if necessary. It also makes it unfeasible for us to keep our promises to the vendors that we will publish the success stories so they know their ponies are okay.

You should only endorse the sales contract if you are 100% sure that you want the product. Once we have received it, we transfer the funds to the vendor of the animal and the animal is yours! "How do I get my new stallion? We have a mailing lists and take care of the red tape so that your horses can come home!

This is what we do all the while and we have been shipping horses all over the land and even out of the state. Give us a call when your stallion gets here! We' re worried till the stallion gets home safe. We' d like to know how you like your new one. Submit pictures and an updated version so that the former members of the team know that their stallion is fine.

Give us a call if you have any worry or concern or just want to show off on your own stallion. When you need to find a new home for your stallion.... By signing our purchase agreement you are agreeing to let us know if you need to find a new home for your animal.

Always we help you to sell your stallion through our websites and we even check prospective purchasers if you wish. Never again will we find out that one of our stallions went to be auctioned or slaughtered. Our growers and trainers are promised to help your animal find a home for the remainder of its lifetime - WE DO NOT charge for this service!

There'?s no reason for us to give you a good sale on a broken-back. Our understanding is that sometimes your situation changes and your horses need a new home. However, we do not tell you why you should be selling the horses or to whom you should be selling them, but we trust that the buyer of the horses will also stay in contact and we will help them with the transfer and the search for a new home.

Please click here to view the OTTB Success Stories.

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