White Horses for Sale in Texas

Horses for sale in Texas

That's Magpie, she's a registered mini black and white mare. Much warmer than Wyoming Cooler than Texas. And Hazel would be a wonderful horse for a child ready to move on to the next level. The White Horse Acers is a small equine facility in northeastern Texas dedicated to the training and development of sport horses. Conspicuous Texas Ice Black and White Frisian Crosssport Horse for sale at www.


The White Horse Acers is a small equestrian institution in the northeast of Texas devoted to the education and promotion of sport horses.

The White Horses Acers is a small equestrian institution in the northeast of Texas devoted to the education and promotion of sports horses. Dressing, jumping and eventing, where we educate horses and riders for teamwork. Dressing is both a precise check of the horses and a performance sports. Often referred to as "horse ballet" because it is beautiful and precise.

The aim of equestrian riding is to develop synchronised communications between horses and riders through small signal lines and muscular controls. The top horsemen seem to have no interactions at all with their horses. Dressage is an internationally and Olympically recognized discipline that requires engagement and engagement. In any equestrian sports, the basic principle of equestrian education can prove its worth.

When you have seen one of the equestrian shows at the Olympic Games, you are sure that you have seen show jump. Just like in equestrian stadiums, precise equestrian activities are offered, with horses and riders hopping over railings, ramparts and goals. Usually these leaps consist of sticks placed in a certain patterns and require quick turns, velocity impulses and a comprehensive feeling of timing from horses and riders.

At this kind of contest, horses and riders are assessed according to how quickly they pass the course without throwing down sticks or denying jump. Riding strategies as well as the horse's sporting performance are needed to overcome the next obstacle in good times.

Horses and riders must skip the gates in the correct order and must not hit sticks or reject gates. Win the quickest times horses and riders. Nothing is as thrilling as show-jumping a horse. We also offer horses and riders workout for three-day versatility.

Endurance is a three-day sport that blends the abilities of training and showjumping with cross country showjumping. Here you bring the abilities of controlling and leaping into the realistic worlds of trails and away from the arena. Horses and riders are competing in three disciplines: training, cross-country and show-jumping.

Rooted in a thorough examination of horse riders, this experience requires the control of various horserides. Similar to show jumping, we also practice and competition in the Hunter show jumping horse, except that it is assessed by accuracy and technique instead of timing, with an emphasis on cadenza and lead swapping.

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