White Rocking Horse

Rocking White Horse

The beautiful white-golden unicorn rocker Hopping on Angel takes your little passenger on a magical adventure to believe. The little ones will enjoy hours of entertainment on our pretty brown and white rocking horse! The popular wooden rocking horse is a timeless treasure for every child.

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Colour: ? PAINTABILITY TO CUSTOMERS & PAINTING - This kid rocking horse is created with the option of customisation. Thanks to the white backdrop, the children can draw whatever they want. Hopefully this will help to encourage children's creative play. It can also be used well as a rocking horse, outside rocking horse or indoors rocking horse.

? SOLID and EASY TO SOLID TO BAR - Poplar and sealing boards are used to create a texture that is both stable and not too difficult for small children. Timber as a nature resource is one of the safest test materials for making toys, so it is a good rocking horse figurine or cushioned rocking horse, a must for any child.

Easy to check - The handrails allow kids to sway this wood horse both forwards and backwards. Reachable rocking horse level allows kids to get to the floor when they want, so they are not scared of swinging and have more rocking pleasure.

Their children are highly looked after and look forward to having it as a present for their birthdays or Christmas gifts. ? ROCKENGURAD WHEN ROCKING BACKWARDS - A lower back stand is fitted near the ponytail to keep the child in place when rocking backwards. You can see on the photo that he doesn't have to worry about dropping, because the rear wheel is holding his sweet little ass right there!

? BEST ACCOMPANY best accompany present to children - Can't say how much pleasure children will have when they see such an "OLD SCHOOL" rocking horse as their present for Christmas or birthdays. You can have a lot of enjoyment both indoors and outdoors, independent or in a group. This horse's size fits children up to 1 year, one of the long lasting toys you want to give children, what is reluctance!

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