Wild Horses Book

Book of Wild Horses

Richard Stanley Francis CBE (née Richard Stanley Francis) was a popular British writer of horse racing and retired crime writer. Dick Francis's wild horses. The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter about the history of wild horses in America - and an insightful story about their treatment in our spare time. Throughout this book, the habits and physical characteristics that distinguish wild horses from domestic horses are treated with color photographs.

Wilde horses by Dick Francis

Valentine Clark, once a smith, today renowned and highly regarded as a journalist, knows everyone who is anyone in the race-business. Old, bewildered, blinded, and about to die, he holds a terrible mystery that he desperately wants to get out of his mind. He gives his final admission to his boyfriend, Thomas Lyon, whom he considers a preacher in his delicacy.

Valentine dies unencumbered and in peacefulness, but his inheritance stays, watched over by Thomas. Thomas is worried about the old man's mystery on the spot in Newmarket.

Wilde horses by Dick Francis

Filmmaker Thomas Lyon came to Newmarket to collect the cinders of an old jockey club scare for a new Hollywood feature. He watched the past return vehemently to him. Catching the shock waves of the macabre deaths of a lady almost thirty years earlier is a tragedy. An insane stabbing of the Unstable Times is definitely an assassination attempt.

Thomas Lyon already knew too much between reality and shadow diction. To follow the actual history could mean the distinction between living and dying.

Story, legend and future of the Mustang

The Pulitzer Prize-winning female journalist about the histories of wild horses in America - and an insightful account of their treatments in our free times. Deeply rooted in the US fantasy, even those who have never seen one know what it represents: violent autonomy, rampant liberty, the basic ideal of the country.

The wild stallion - commonly known as the musang - is America's permanent iconic animal, from auto commercials to high schools mastheads. The New York Times journalist David Philipps follows the wild horses' wealth of American histories in Wild Horses Country and examines the appalling predicament they face today. This is the great storyline of the horse: from its historic début in North America, to its re-introduction by Hispanic conquerors, to its expansion through the fierce fighting between Indian peoples and colonists in the Wild West era.

Phillips investigates how wild horses became so crucial to America's self-image, and investigates the influence wild horses had on America's fantasy, from early discoverers to Zane Grey's best-selling novel to Hollywood Westerns. On his journey through secluded parts of the U.S. West, Philipps also exposes the recent wild horses crises, in which ten thousand horses are captured by the German governments, and free-range horses trapped between the conflicting philosophies of ranchers, conservationists, academics, and civil servants.

The Wild Horse Country is a potent mix of story and present-day coverage that graphically illustrates the grandeur and distress of an iconic U.S. man and at the same time points the way forward that will keep that iconic man forever.

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