Wild Horses for Sale

Wilde horses for sale

Alberta Wildie, great potential for children. Below are the photos and life stories of these amazing horses. Acquisition and sale | BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Adopting or buying a wild animal or a farm animal was a personal challenge and reward for many. It'?s a way to take good advantage of part of the American legacy and then own it.

Most of these horses have become outstanding amusement, show or work horses. You' ll teach yourself how to pick up a wild animal or a donkey.

Choose or buy a wild animal or a burner on-line. Find out how to buy a wild pony or a farmhouse.

Adopting a Mustang

Young horses are American Mustangs, AQHA or APHA colt or filly. These young horses were borne in the Sanctuary, many from the wild side of the ranch, and were ennobled, trained to guide and charge into a trailers. The adoption fee is approximately $500 and is intended as a gift to the Shrine or by e-mail to iram@gwtc.net.

  • An outdoor enclosure with a min. of 400 sq ft (20x20) per pet. The corals should not be too big (more than 50x50), because smaller corals are more easy to protect. - For wild horses over 18 month all enclosures and doors must be at least 1,80 m high.

Fünf feet high enclosures are permitted for noble horses, juveniles and donkeys. - Fence stock should consist of 2x6 in. wood boards with a distance of not more than one leg, curved tubes, bars or similar items that do not present a danger to the pet. When ennobled, the livestock can be kept on pasture or in boxes with participation on a day-to-day basis.

Accommodation may be a three-sided shed fixed to the Korral or a stable in a shed fixed to the Korral so that the pet can move between the Korral and the sanctuary. The protection or stable room should be at least 12 by 12 ft per cattle. - Standard stick trailer and equine trailer that are large enough for 4 or more horses are generally accepted, subject to definitive pre-shipment authorization.

IT' NOT FOR ONE HORSES. It is not permitted to use two trailer trucks unless it is a storage model without inner partitions. - No pickup trucks with storage shelves. The halter will be worn by the Sanctuary personnel on request and must be provided by the adoptive parents.

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