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Greystones Wild Mountain Riding School, Delgany Wicklow. Wild Horse Equestrian Campground is one of the few equipped for horse breeding in the beautiful pine wooded mountains of Southern California. Wilde Gebirgs-Graustufen - Homepage Children's hikes; Adult tuition for beginners; Wild Mountain Nature-based Therapeutic Training and Pony Facilitated Experimental Learning: Development of physiological, societal, emotional, behavioral, and pedagogical abilities through interaction with people.

Learn from experience: The students will be instructed to use their own experiences of living and their own solution potentials - to learn, to think, to draw conclusions and to try out their new experiences in their next experiences.

Local kittens, among them the extremly seldom old cultural race of Ireland - the Kerry Moorpony. Learn and grow are important priorities. She has a Master's degree in Social Anthropology from Queen's University in Belfast, an International Arts Degree from University College Dublin, has been teaching in fellowship for over 10 years, won a National Award and was introduced in RTE News for her literacy work with teens, is a HSI Level 1 certified coach for equestrian sports,

educated by Rupert Isaacson up to stage 3 of his horsesboy method for working with children with horse related autoism, educated by Ranchobosque, Heals and EAGALA in Equine Assisted Learning, Kerry Bog educates and educates horse drawn and therapy type of pony, and is strongly committed to the promotion of this unique cultural race in Ireland to secure its livelihood.

Greystones Wild Mountain Riding School, Delgany Wicklow

Wild-mountain is the realization of a vision for Yasmin Fortune - a center where human beings can profit from the unique equine human relation in a secure, relaxing, supportive as well as naturally occurring world. The Wild Mountain Equestrian provides an alternate to the traditional equestrian training program - an area designed specifically to spend horse training in pristine surroundings and to learn from the unique human-animal bond - a center where training, professionality and security are paramount, yet work in accordance with the principle of liberty, creative and self-expression.

Yasmin grew up on her parents' farm and hunted, jumped, hunted, showed the side seat, played Polish and visited the bangs from an early age. Yasmin was a young boy and a young boy. As a rider and bridegroom she has worked on a number of movies such as Far and Away, Braveheart and Into the West. In her teens, she worked as a bridegroom at the two Claremont driving tables, Manhattan, NY, and at Peter Leone's Lionshare Farm in Connecticut.

Mr. Yasmin holds a Master's degree in Social Anthropology from Queen's University of Belfast and an International Bachelor of Arts from University College Dublin. An educated special school teacher and facilitator for horse assisted learning, she is a certified equestrian trainer with Horse Sport Ireland. With over fifteen years working experiences in adults and secondary schools in Ireland and abroad, Yasmin's professional background has taken her to Japan, where she worked for the Japanese Board of Directors of Education.

Throughout her career, Yasmin has delivered a variety of classes and teaching materials - such as English, communication, effectiveness, interpersonal skills, safety, teamwork, social life, interculturalism, ESOL, literacy, numeracy, work experience, stable and yard routines. Before setting up her own equestrian center, Yasmin teaches the Questtrian Training Program at Festina Lente.

Yasmin is not only a skilled equestrian trainer and instructor, but has also been trained in equine assisted learning, special education, dyslexia, child protection, first aid, workplace equality, diversity, dealing with challenging behaviors, autism awareness, curriculum development, group dynamics, literacy, equestrian therapy for those with extra needs, business management and tack.

Mr. Alan and Jane Hamilton of Rancho Bosque Ranch, Tucson, Arizona, provided training in equine assisted learning and therapy. Equestrian Training Programme at Festina Lente in Bray. Wicklow, in which roles she instructed horse-assisted learning, communication, horsemanship, animal welfare and stable and farm routines and developed the training module for equestrian training.

With Rupert Isaacson, Jasmin practiced up to 3 levels in the world-famous HorseBoy method, which was specially developed for working with kids with horse related autoism. It is a qualifying equestrian sport Ireland equestrian trainer education FETAC Tier 1 and Tier 5 first aid.

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