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Wardrobe Winter - Basic Winter Riding Clothes Don't get hit by the chill and damp this winter, why not upgrade your cloakroom with some of our great winter clothes for horsewalking. We' ve got some great top class winter jackets full of innovating feature that will keep you hot, cool and clean throughout the wintertime. The Mountain Horse Windsor Coat keeps you hot and cool even in the worst UK conditions. Windsor Coat is a handy yet stylish coat with Mountain Horse WPS All Purpose Technologie that makes it impermeable, wind proof, breatheable and comfortable, ideal for winter riding in unforeseen conditions.

This Windsor cardigan provides the classical Mountain Horse complimentary fitting as well as handy items such as a twin zipper, back vent and removable hooded head. Musto Moxby Cardigan is a wind, water and breathing resistant cardigan, perfect for the winter season. The Moxby is not only a sleek and elegant cardigan, it is also equipped with handy functions to help you survive the winter storms; the cardigan includes a cloak on the shoulder for extra security, wrist warmers pocket for colder conditions, Durable Water Repellent (DWR) inner seals to avoid draughts, and ergonomic sleeve design for ultimate convenience and liberty.

We have some great winter coats with a lower cost for those with a higher budgets. Harry Hall Malton Cardigan is a casual ladies cardigan with padded inside and a fully welded outside fabric for optimum breathability. Malton' s coat features a high inner ripped neck to keep the chill out, a twin gale door and a semi-elastic back for a smooth silhouette both inside and outside the seat.

Horseware Brianna Horse Jersey is a wind and weatherproof blazer with a stand-up neck that keeps the rain down, a two-way zipper for comfortable saddling and an adaptable hooded front. The down is amazingly soft and yet very lightweight, making it perfect for riders.

Mountain Horse Belvedere is a long, cushioned down insulated down cover for optimum heat, a moisture resistant coating for added resistance to the elements and a large back slit for comfortable and free ride. Pikeur Lavina down jackets are styleful and sleek duck jackets that do not make compromises on functionality.

Featuring a sleek, detachable fake fleece hooded cap, windproof sleeves and side vents for more riding room, the Lavina is a great looking coat that keeps you cool and cozy. Pikeur Ladita is the longer length of the Lavina coat. All of us know how important it is to make a shift in the winter to make sure we remain warm, but what is the best way to make a shift?

Baselayer makes it possible to bind hot breezes against the skins without the need for additional quantities, which means you can move freely and continue your tasks and driving without restrictions. Horze Zephyra Underwear Set is perfect for bringing an additional warming coat under your horse's clothing without the excessive volume.

Ariat Ladies Lowell Top is part of the AriatTEK Lowell Series, which is specifically engineered to keep the body's cores hot in the chill. Why not try the Heat Holders Thermal Long Sleeve Vest and Thermal leggings for maximal heat in layers? Featuring superwarm 0.39 ton rated, the uniquely engineered design that allows the breath to be kept longer and softer on the skins, they provide ultimative heat and convenience in all circumstances.

Fl eece is ideal for stratification in the wintertime. Ariat Conquest provides a satin inner side of fl eece for added heat and convenience, and Ariat MMT (Moisture Movement Technology) removes perspiration from the skin, keeping you warm and comfortably behind, especially important after a tough ride, the last thing you need is to get cold from wet clothing!

Vilets are a good way to keep your skin layered through the winter as they keep the cores of your bodies warmer without enlarging your arm, making them great for use around you. Horze Inga padded vest is great for unexpected conditions with its waterproof and wind proof exterior and light yet comfortable upholstery.

Pikeur Nahira's casual quilted vest is a casual, female vest that features a sleek and fashionable cut and 150g of padded warmth to keep you beautiful and warmer. HV Polo Tiana padded vest has an elastic waistcoat to keep the elements out, convenient woollen pull fabric liner and two-way zipper with hurricane door for ultimate shelter.

Duvets are a great way to overlay this winter as they offer unbelievable heat with minimal impact and volume. This Mountain Horse Belvedere vest fits the Belvedere jacket and coat and looks breathtaking on its own. Belvedere features a snug fitting, a YKK two-way zipper for ultimate riding support, and a water-repellent coating if you get stuck in the cold.

Pikeur Liv vest looks delicious when combined with Pikeur Ladita or Pikeur Lavina jacket. Kingsland Marie Down Ailet is a casual vest that has been developed to provide maximum support and heat both in and out of the seat. EquiSynergy works according to the concept of a base coat, an intermediate coat and an external coat.

ZP 176 Synergy jackets or Gilet middle layers are engineered to provide heat without sacrificing volume or cadence. Synergy and Gilet jackets feature Primaloft Insulation, which stores hot near your skin for maximal heat, and the adapted styling of the jackets results in minimal volume.

ZP 176 Warm Up Jacket provides extreme outdoor performance without compromising your mobility with its light, quad-rigid, impermeable and wind resistant shell. The Musto EquiSynergy series provides the highest level of comfort and comfort with total mobility in and out of the seat.

Musto Snug Hoodhpurs are air permeable, wind proof and fast dry breeches, perfect for winter sports. Snug iodhpurs keep your feet hot during these long cuts in cool conditions with their Polartec Power Stretch material and DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finishing. The Mountain Horse Polar Breeches are weatherproof, wind proof and breatheable over a pair of pants with an ergonomically designed shape that provides an optimal fitting and comfortable ride in and out of the saddle. Breeches are available in a wide range of sizes.

Continuous childs are a good way to keep yourself warmer in winter as they slightly slip over trousers and riding pants to keep your feet warmer without limiting your movements, especially in the Saddle. Rambo Horseware Rambo Charms provide a comfortable inner layer of fl eece, a padded exterior fabric and full-length zippers on each foot for ease of dressing and undressing.

It' s important to keep your limbs warmed up in cool conditions, there is nothing more serious than to freeze your fingers and legs in the courtyard. MacWet Long Cuff Climatec sports glove is used by many of the best pro drivers to keep your hand hot and cool in even the most challenging conditions.

MacWet Climatec gloves provide a snug fit on the back of the glove and are water and weatherproof. Mountain Horse Baily handwarmers are ideal for warming your wrist and wrist without limiting your finger, and come in convenient dark grey and functional dark grey. Available in the colours blau, braun and schwarz, the Mark Todd Neck Tube glides over your neck and has a convenient drawcord to keep away the winter winds.

Aurora Balaclava is an excellent mountain horse to wear under a helmet and will keep you comfortable and comfortable even at low heats. Browbands provide a great stylish statement and keep the ear warmed. Joules artificial coat browband is a luxury artificial coat browband that will look great in the courtyard, Pikeur Classic browband provides a discreet look and Horze Chione knitted browband provides an appealing cord knitting look that is ideal for winter conditions.

Sheets are a good way to keep your mind warmed this winter when you do your housework on the farm. Starling caps are both sleek and handy, which means you stay warmed up and look good at the same time! Starling's Bob Hat knitted hat with artificial pelt Bob Hat is available in 5 great colors and features an elegant knitted cover with a cuddly fleet to keep you comfortable, while Starling's artificial pelt Trapper hat with its oversized artificial pelt trims, pet poms and pompoms really makes a difference.

Well, a good sock is worth a fortune in cooler climates. Heath Holder stockings provide a fantastic 2 warmness. Thirty four degrees touch score to keep even the chilliest toe warmer. Available in a range of different colors and styles, our unique Cool Holder socket features a luxuriously smooth satin finish that retains hot breath on the skins for extended periods of time, which means your toe stays roasted no matter how chilly it gets.

In order to prevent freezing toe this winter, why not take a look at some isolated cycling shoes? Ariat Bromont Tall H2O insulated boot features Thinsulate Insulation to keep your legs hot no matter how chilly it gets. Hunter Balmoral wetsuit cycling boot offers a wetsuit liner for maximal heat, is impermeable to water and is specifically developed for driving use, with outstanding footrest, knuckle flex and elastic reinforcements on the inside of the legs.

Keeping your foot hot is what you need to do when you're out in the countryside with the Dublin Boats this winter. Eskimo Boats are traditional Dublin River Boot designs featuring full padded linings and an appealing top sleeve, but are still fully covered in vintage leather wool. Dublin Tourndown Boot are tight and breatheable boot with a comfortable Fleecefutter to make sure that the legs remain hot and drier and offer appealing tourndown designs.

Don't let your coolness stop you from spending your winter farm holidays with the Harry Hall Series shoes. Harry Hall Drift winter is an elegant top of the line winter style with a luxury borgfleece liner and an artificial sleeve available in either dark grey or dark grey. Corded front provides an adaptable cut and the buckskin uppers have a soil and moisture repellent finish that makes them perfect for use in the outdoors.

Torrent winter boots are full length quilting boots with a removable inner heat socket and hook and loop closure on the legs for a great fitting. Rubber boots are an indispensable part of the construction set for all riders. Keep your boots hot and clean this winter when you walk across swampy meadows in some of our great winter boots and jump through pools in the courtyard.

Snowshoes features 4mm thick hot wet orthoprene liner, uppers of naturally occurring rubbers and a Vibram snow shoe sole with Icetrek patented Icetrek? performance features for superior traction no matter how slippery or dangerous the condition. Fouree Wellies features a cuddly woollen synthetics liner for extra heat, a genuine leather shell and a Le Chameau Cross sole for superior traction in all weather conditons.

Our extensive winter riding apparel selection guarantees you will find something to match your needs, whether you need to freshen up your entire winter outfit or just need a new winter robe, you can find the latest fashions on our website.

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