Winter Horse Hoods

Horse winter hoods

Sturdy neck covers and hoods. Manufactured to the same high standards as the All American Blanket, this nine-piece hood offers a perfect fit over your horse's head and neck. Sturdy covers and hoods - Schneiders Fitting hoods and necklines for every type of sturdy canopy. Offer additional heat in winter or keep your fur sleek and sleek all year round. If you need additional horse care during the particularly wintery seasons, Schneider's barn blankets and hoods are the right way to go.

Complements to your horse's normal winter rug, they blend smoothly over your horse's face and throat, providing a full-cover that keeps the coldness out while still comfortably protecting your horse. For many of our stall ceilings we have suitable hoods and collar ceilings, so that you only have to find the right one for your current ceiling and fasten it with the practical connector triple.

Besides warming up your horse, our barn caps and hoods also protect the manes and coats, smoothen them and ensure a supple, healthful fur all year round. Slippery, high-quality interior trim made of polyamide is pleasant and gentle on your horse's fur and leather, while the medium-weight interior provides heat and comfort without being overheated.

There are also different levels of protection available; some of these hoods and necklines only reach up to the ear, while others provide full face protection for particularly chilly weather. While some are also fitted with wool and some are fitted with additional heat, quilting isolation for a heavy and isolated feeling.

When you have found the right cowl for your horse cover, just select from our large range of size tables. There is a range of horse size to fit ponies and horse size standards, as well as a large choice of colours to fit the hoods to the remaining cover.

If you buy from Schneiders, you will also get your sturdy blanket at an unbeatably low cost and from an order value of $100.

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