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Horse winter clothing for horses

Archives from the product categories winter breeches are currently displayed. What is the best winter equipment for you and your horse? Our expert team has the answer right here!

Undoubtedly we can say with certainty that no horse keeper is looking forward to the cool winter weathers. However, now that these month of the year are unavoidable, how do you protect your horse and yourself from the bitter coldness? Here we have put together a series of expert answers to the best winter equipment.

First of all use a long, upholstered winter jacket to keep away the extremes of the weathers. Add a couple of garden impermeable garden boot (preferably knee-high). These prevent the sensation in your toe that follows extremely low temperatures (even more so if you work on the farm) from being lost.

Think about choosing those that are specifically developed for riding; those that can get flushed off before you jump into the seat. If you are looking for the right boot set, don't miss the right winter boot sock. Finish off your wardrobe with thermo-legging, impermeable overpants, thermo-base tank tops, a tight sweater, a impermeable jacket, a thin storm hood and a set of mittens.

For winter equipment for riders, we suggest the use of ceramics, thermotherapy underwear for heating the torso and insulating ridingboots to protect your foot and leg from the coldness of riding. They will help you change your horse's blanket according to how cool the climate is. Next, buy some thermo coatings and isolated snowshoes for your horse.

These also help to transport perspiration and keep the horse from getting cold too quickly, preventing muscular tension, cramps and tremors. The other garments serving a similar function are knitted fabrics (AKA chillers). Terapeutic rugs improve the general well-being of the horse, relieve pain, improve perfusion, calm the horse's musculature, heat the horse's stomach and much more.

Drive safely and keep warmed! Please mail me a full colour horse trailers booklet from Featherlite.

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