Winter Horse Rugs

Horse blankets winter

Online Winter Rugs, Winter Rugs at Mustad Saddleworld Good horse fit and good workmanship in cool, damp conditions can help the horse to remain healthy and in good shape. Cool, damp ponies consume a great deal of heat and keep you hot. It' truely correct that wilderness animals live without carpets, but they move more than their local equivalents and find their own protection from thieves.

This is why older, wounded or otherwise inert house ponies need additional heat in cool, damp conditions and take advantage of a winter load to keep them protected from cool winds, rains, hailstorms and, in some cases, snows. An unribbed horse's fur gets up in cool conditions to catch breath and heat the horse.

When you choose to carpet for horse in winter, keep in mind toys for this reflect. An ill-fitting carpet prevents the horse's coat from doing its work and can mean that your horse is actually cooler than an unribbed horse. Blankets must be inspected every day to ensure that the belts are not fractured and the carpet is not slipping, which can cause injuries to the horse.

Caps can be very hazardous to a horse and should only be used if the horse is regularly inspected throughout the entire daily routine, because if a cap slides, it can mask the eye and cause abscess. A horse with sliding canopies may not be able to see and is known to hurt itself, cause anxiety or unintentional material damages.

Blankets should be periodically taken off to ensure they do not rub against the horse's skins or penetrate it. It is also advisable to take off horse blankets to ensure that your horse has not been overweight. Finally, robust ponies must be cared for thoroughly and often to eliminate the build-up of necrotic flesh and fur, as horse blankets help keep them from flaking their flesh well.

Mustad has a large selection of horse blankets to cover and protect your horse from the winter chill. A variety of fabrics allow you to customize your selection to the needs of your horse, ensuring the best possible shelter wherever you are.

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